I opened my eyes slowly and saw three worried faces in front of me. What happened anyway?

"Don't move babe, Don't move" Aunt Kim said.

" You fainted" Aunt Nic said. I slowly sit up.

" Here, Drink this" Aunt Sarah said handing me a glass of water rubbing my back.

"Are you better?" Aunt Kim said. I just nodded and stand up stumbling a little.

"I'm okay" I whispered. "I'm just gonna go home" I totally feel embarassed.

"I'll drive you home." Aunt Kim said. I shake my head.

"I'm fine on my own" I started walking away.

"Carter Cole if you walked out of that door without Kim. I swear-" Aunt Sarah said but I cut her off.

"Okay okay" I stopped and waited for Aunt Kim.

"Let's go" Aunt Kim said grabbing her keys and taking my hand as we walked out of the house and into the car. The car ride home was silent, I don't want this.

"Auntie Kim" I whispered looking out of the window.


"When you get back at Aunt Nic's...Can you tell her and Aunt Sarah I'm sorry" I heard her sigh.

"Okay...but babe, can I ask you something" she asked.


" Why the sudden change of attitude babe, you're not like that at all."

I sigh  "Honestly, I don't know either. I think the pressure is getting in to me and it's all too much. How will I tell the whole family and friends that I'm going to die." I whispered. She didn't respond. Maybe she also don't know the answer.

After a few minutes , we finally arrived at my house. We stepped inside. It's quiet,too quiet.

"Is anybody home?" Aunt Kim whispered to me.

"Why are you whispering" I whispered giggling. She also giggled at me.

"Maybe they're still asleep." I shrugged heading towards the kitchen to find something to eat. I decided to make pancakes. I put on my apron and bring out the materials and ingredients I need.

"Aunt Kim do you want some pancakes?" I yelled from the kitchen. I hear footsteps coming.

"Yeah babe" She said. I smiled at her but then I hear voices in the front room and I froze . I turned around and looked at Aunt Kim with worried eyes. She was about to say something when mam appeared behind her. She looked at me but I looked away and turned around continuing what I'm doing.

"Hey babe" I hear them talk. This is the only time I realized that I really miss mam. I want her to hold me so bad. I try my hardest not to let the tears fell in my eyes but it still fell. It's a good thing I'm facing away from them, they won't see me cry. I move to the side to wash a glass but then it slip out of my hand causing it to smash. I tried to pick the pieces but it cut me. Aunt Kim rushed over me. I wish mam was the one talking to me right now.

"What happened?" Aunt Kim asked. I was holding my wrist facing her tears are still in my eyes. I notice mam just standing near at the door watching us and that's when I broke down, crying hysterically. I run out of the kitchen still blood dripping from my hand and slightly bumping mam. I was about to go upstairs when I heard my name. I looked over the couch and saw Nan there standing looking at my hand then to me but I ignored her and run up to Carson's room. He's the only one who can comfort me now. My hand is full of blood. I entered Carson's room to find him still in bed sleeping. I run to his bed and lie beside him crying I hang my hand on the side of the bed so it will not stain the sheets. I felt Carson stirring beside me then he turned to me.

"Carter?" He said sitting up. I sit up slowly and hugged him but then he pulled away quickly taking my hand.

His eyes widen " What happen to this." I didn't respond I just cried and cried. He stood up guiding me to the bathroom and cleaning my hand. It stings but I don't care. He wrapped it up with a clean bandage and we walked out of the bathroom. We sat on the bed and I hugged him tightly.

"What happened?" He whispered rubbing my back. I pulled away and bring my knees up to my chest.

"I really miss mam..." I whispered. " ...but she doesn't care about me anymore. Maybe she's already sick and tired of me-"

"Where's this coming from Carter?" He said confused.

"Earlier, The glass I'm washing slipped off my hand anf cut myself... Mam was there all along but didn't bother to ask what happen instead she just watched me and Auntir Kim while Auntie Kim was talking to me...she obviously didn't cared for me." I cried. He stood up and I can tell his angry. " What if I die now, will she care?" I whispered. I don't know where that came from.

"That's it" He whispered walking out of the room. I didn't have the strength to follow him. I just cried and rethink what I said earlier.

Carson's P.O.V.

I don't know what I'm doing but I think mam went too far on this. It already went to the point that Carter thinks that she doesn't care for her. I stormed downstairs making everyone stared at me. I'm angry now.

"Auntie Kim, can you go to my room to comfort Carter" I said but I'm looking at mam. She gave me a confuse look. Auntie Kim nodded and went upstairs.

"Mam can you stop this?" I said looking at her. She frowned at me.

"Carson, pet what's this about?" Nan asked. I looked at her.

"Mam's not talking to us since yesterday because she saw dad here..." Her eyes widen but I continue. " I just want to cheer Carter up because I notice she's  been feeling sad this past few days..." I looked at mam who's looking at nothing. "It's not even her fault that dad was here yesterday but she's the one who's having a hard time because of this." Mam stood up.

"You don't know what I feel when I saw your da-" I cut her off.

"Mam can you stop being selfish" I said loudly making both of them jump then I heard footsteps down the stairs.

"Carson, stop this now please" Carter whispered tugging me. I looked at her , she's hiding her face behind me. I looked at mam she's looking at Carter.

"Carter, pet?" Nan said.

" Yeah?" I looked at Carter who's still hiding behind my back.

" Can you come here please?" She hesitate at firstp but then she walked beside me looking up. Nan and mam gasped. She has a small bruise on her cheek but it's very dark and visible.

"What happen to your cheek?" Nan asked. Carter looked up to me and hid behind my back. I was about to say something when she talked.

" I'm sick" she whispered but enough to be heard in the room. Nan looked at me asking for an explanation. I took a deep breath.

"Carter has leukemia..." Everyone is silent. I feel Carter gripping my shirt behind me. I looked at mam and saw tears in her eyes. I saw Nan shake her head and start to tear up.

"Auntie Kim c-can you get me out of here please?" Carter whispered. I looked at Auntie Kim and saw her nod. Carter let go of me before taking Auntie Kim's hand and with that they're gone.


" Cheryl? Why didn't you tell me?" Nan whispered. I thought nan already knew, guess I'm wrong.

"I-I don't know how" She whispers sitting down on the couch covering her face with her hands. I sat beside her and hugged her. She lean on to me and cried.

"I'm so sorry, I ju-"

"Ssshhh, You don't need to explain mam. All we need is for you to let go. Let go of the past because it can affect us also..." I felt her nod. I looked at Nan who's staring into space. "Nan, she's gonna be okay" I smiled. She gave me a weak smile. " Mam... please make this right. She's very hurt, It got to the point where she's thinking so much of it." I whispered rubbing her shoulder. "Nan?" she looked at me. "I know this is a shock for you but keep this in mind..." she faced me. " Even though you know..." I don't want to say it, she just nods at me. " The important thing is that she's happy." She smiled at me. I knew we can fix this, I knew it all along

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