Jarianne sits down next to a worried LIam, "Everything okay?" She asks. "What? Oh, yeah." He says. "It's weird how Zayn, Louis and Perrie aren't here." He adds. "They'll be here. Don't worry." She says with a small shrug. 

Seeing Harry flirt with Ashley makes Justin's blood boil. He doesn't know why, but it does. "Hi," Dayaneira says sitting next to him." Justin rolls his eyes. "Rude much," she says with a chuckle. "I see how you look at her. It's obvious." Justin tears his gaze off the black haired girl and looks at the brunette next to him. "Excuse me?" He says. "Denial." Sings a voice from his left. Justin;s head snaps to see Karina with a smile. Her black glasses on the bridge of her nose. 

"When did you get here? And it's rude to eavesdrop." Justin snaps. Karina rolls her eyes and keeps talking with Niall. "See, I'm not the only one," Daya says, "we all do. Even your best friends." "I don't like her." He says through gritted teeth He gets up and leaves mumbling to himself. "Well he was nice," Niall says, his voice full of sarcasm. "You can says that again," Daya says scooting closer to them. She is worried sick since Louis, Zayn nor Perrie are back. She looks around to see if she sees them but no such luck.

"You okay?" Marie asks her. "Yeah. I'm good." She lies right through her teeth. "Boy, we have to talk." Daya turns around to see Louis. He gives her a look saying 'I'll explain later'. She nods slowly as all four boys stand up and follows him. "I wonder where Perrie went." Marie says suddenly. "She'll be back." Ashley says with a shrug. 


All four boys follow Louis to the woods. "What is that small?" Liam asks, disgust  in his face. "Forget about that now," Louis says nonchalantly. "Zayn  went off, I followed him. And I found him." "Where is he?" Justin asks. "Let me finish." Louis snaps. "He killed a human." All of their eyes widen. "And Perrie was there. I had to... kill her." Louis says in a low voice.

"You killed Perrie?!" Harry exclaims. "I had to there was no other way!" She was a human." Louis sighs. "Where's the body?" Liam asks. "Zayn took her. I don't know where he went." Louis lies. He knows exactly where he went. Luckily none of the boys  noticed. 

"The girls will be devastated when they find out." Niall says with a frown. He and Liam are the ones who care the most for the girls feelings. "Don't worry about that now, Niall." Louis snaps. "We'll figure something out."


Short chapter I know! I don't know what else to write here, so I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for all the reads!

- Karina ♥

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