Linda Parker.

I was surprised that we even stayed intact to our seats on the Bike. This two-wheeled Beast was not even on the road, it was literally on the air, flying. My face and mouth formed funny deformations by the speed of the wind hitting my face. But I couldn't complaint at all. It is all that was needed now. Speed was all that was needed now.

Minutes after the wind had practically raped every inch of my face, Rich halted the bike in a cheap looking store that was at least a century old. A hoarding 'Graham and sons' hung loosely, also my eyes fell on the 'since 1871' beneath it .It looked ragged. If at all Rich were trying to pull a prank on me right now, I swear in the name of god that I would kill him right then, right there. The worst part was that he looked serious.

"Get in, pooh ! "

" Get in where ? "

He stared at me , giving the most annoyed look possible. He now looked at his watch and said, " You still have 54 minutes and 12 seconds to go."

God ! This is so not happening. With that I obediently gave in. I stepped into the prehistorical zone.

I was welcomed by an old woman , that must probably be in her late sixties. She was so pretty for her age. "Hello young lady! " , she greeted me with a beautiful smile on her face.

The whole place had pictures that looked like family portraits. The store was only the size of my bedroom and study combined. There was another floor above its roof. There was another man that was younger, sitting at the billing counter, that also smiled at me .But strangely , The whole place reminded me of my dream home. It was a place that filled my mind with a happiness aura.

"Martha ! "

I regained my conscience after I heard Rich from my behind. He was already hugging that old pretty woman named Martha.

"Martha , this is Linda , and she needs a little help in picking a Shirt. "

"A shirt ? " , I asked.  Am I giving him a brand less shirt from a shop like this ? I'd rather confess everything about my doings.

"Trust me on this one Pooh. They have the rarest collection and we can buy a watch if you please . Right Martha ? "

She gave a proud little nod. She brought back with her a dozen shirts in her fragile arms and placed them on our counter. To my surprise , they looked classy. Like the shirts , my father wore. They looked way beyond my expectation. I chose a dark grey one to go with a purple-green tie.

"Hmm..what's the size child ? "

shit ! I'm clueless about that thing . Its not like I'm his lover girl and I know every single detail of his. I only need to buy him a gift because I let it out by pure mistake or why else would I be standing here picking up a present for him ?

" err.. about my size ? " , my saviour helped me.

"Why don't you try this shirt , son ? " , Martha asked handing him a plane white shirt that's probably for sample. Rich shrugged and took the shirt inside , to the trial room I assumed. It seemed like he was used to this place, much. A small portion of my brain, wished that he would change his shirt right in front of us.... I shook my head at my own thought. I heard a small click from inside and Rich appeared finally.

Stunning ! I was stunned, totally. white , That's Rich's color. He looked absolutely gorgeous. It fit him perfectly fine, and made him look dignified. He looked at me for approval and here I was watching him with my mouth open wide with wild amazement. He approached me with small steps , hands in his pocket.

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