Chapter 3

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Rays pov

I felt so guilty for leaving india, i know she needed me and was probably wanting me to be there when she woke up. But i left her for wasn't even that good tbh. Why am i even with sarah 😒Sigh today its just me and dee.

Me: so india

Dee: thats my name

Me: wanna just hang today? just me and you

Dee: sure i didnt plan on going to work, i think im gonna quit. Oh wait actually can we wait until later i have to go to a ummm meeting in a few.

Me: but i thought you weren't going to work?

Dee: its not for work its just for a thingy i gotta get my stuff

With that she walked up stairs to her room sighs where does she go every saturday?!

Indias pov:

I went up stairs put mu hair in a pony tail and put a white tank top and blue tights with my jazz shoes in a duffle bag stairs avoiding ray and headed straight to my car. i got in and drove to the studio. I got there and signed in for my room.

Lady: welcome back ms rameraz

Me: hello

Lady: working on new choreography

Me: you could say that

She smiled at me and i walked to my reserved room i changed into my dancing clothes i bought with me and went to the dock. i put my iphone into it and began playing Someone Else by Miley Cyrus
I went into my storage closet and grabbed the headset mic and plugged it in. then i went to the recording station and pressed the red button. ( the studio has cameras to where it can record you ) i began singing

"If your lookin for love know that love dont live here anymore
She left with my hear they both walked through that door with out me"

I began dancing doing flips and spins. as the chorus played i began grinding to the beat. then the second verse began to play i sang along

"I used to believe love conquers all
'Cause that's what I felt when you held me
I thought you'd catch me if I fall
And fill me up when I'm empty"

The chorus and bridge began to play as i danced to the beat. Soon the vamp came on again and i sang along

Love is patient
Love is selfless
Love is hopeful
Love is kind
Love is jealous
Love is selfish
Love is helpless
Love is blind

Love is patient
Love is selfless
Love is hopeful
Love is kind
Love is jealous
Love is selfish
Love is hopeless
Love is blind

Yeah, yeah
Ooh, yeah
I've turned into someone else"

The song ended and i did a split as a pose. i stopped the recording and the video uploaded to my phone i actually liked it satisfied i changed clothes and drove home.

When i arrived home ray was sitting on the couch watching tv it was only 1 a clock hopefully he still wanted to hang.

Rays pov:

Where was she!? I dont wanna seem pushy. Sighss. Oh i hear the door!

Me: hey welcome back

India: hey yu still wanna hang?

Me: yea

I walked back downstairs, grabbed my keys and we left.

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