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One year later...

The sound of heavy footsteps and low-volume swearing indicates that Liam, my husband, has finally come home. That familiar warm and fuzzy feeling heats up inside of me, even if it's obvious he's in a bad mood; I bet it's been a very long day for him at work. He still makes me happy; he always makes me happy. 

I leap up from my desk chair, abandoning my course work for med school, and rush into the hall, where Liam is ditching his briefcase and bags in the corner with unnesecary force. When he lays eyes on me, he pulls a strained smile.

It's been a long time since I've seen him smile properly. Weeks, in fact. He's just been so caught up and preoccupied recently, far too much to be happy for a while. Why is he like this though? It's pretty obvious.

Louis ratted him out to the police about me and his affair-the court case of suspicion of pedophilia is held tomorrow afternoon. Louis, Zayn, Carys, Liam and I will all be attending, whether we want to or not. Louis didn't even wait a long time after he found out we got married in secret; one day, in fact. Since that, which was a few weeks back, me and Liam have been living in what's felt like suspension, or romance put on hold, and I hated it. Why does Louis have to be such a bastard? Me and Liam debate this continuously, but never find the right conclusion.

It's been one year exactly today since we got married. We kept it really low key; as in really low key. Our parents or friends didn't even go; just the two of us, and the priest. Our reception was a drive-through MacDonalds and sex in the back of the car. I didn't really care, I was just happy to finally be married to the man or my dreams. The ceremony lasted a grand total of half an hour, but it was still lovely. Liam was such a gentleman, and whilst reciting his vows, he had to keep taking deep breaths to stop himself brimming with emotion. It was so cute. 

I start to think back on that amazing day, a small smile lining my lips.

''And do you, Niall Horan, take Liam Payne to be your lawfully wedded husband?'' The priest asked gently.

''I do,'' I say, unable to stop grinning as I looked into Liam's eyes while saying the words I knew would change my life for the better.

''And do you, Liam Payne?''

He takes a deep breath and a slight hesitation, but seems very sure when he speaks; ''I do.''

The priest gently smiles before he continues; ''You may kiss the groom.''

It was a slightly awkward moment, the few seconds between the kiss and the instruction, as Liam was slow to act, but when I met his lips and breathed in his familiar scent, I found myself thinking, 'this is right, he's all that I will ever need.' 

Obviously, we do not make the kiss sexy or deep in front of a priest who is used to straight marriages in a still overly-homophobic country, so it lasted only a few blissful moments that I would hold on for years after.

Nobody found out about our marriage for a long time after that, for about 11 months or so. I still wonder how we kept it so secret, but when Louis found out from my father, he hesitated only one day before telling the police. And today, Liam was sacked. We both knew it was going to happen, as Louis had told us his schedule of telltales, but he had obviously chosen today of all days to tell Liam's work-which was an Art teacher again, in a seperate local school, though- our anniversary. 

Liam opens his arms to me, looking exhausted and upset. ''I've had the day from hell Niall, and only you can make it better,'' he said softly, ''Come here,''

I don't hesitate, and engulf Liam into a warm, tight embrace, snuggling my face into his neck like I always do. He sighs into my hair, playing with it gently and says, ''I was sacked. Last period.''

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