Chapter 24

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*Winter's P.O.V*

I rest my head down on the cold table. Carolyn is sitting on top of the island, loudly talking on the phone. I whine as she starts to yell. I don't know who she is talking to, but I really don't care. I don't really care about anything anymore. I adjust the shirt I am wearing as I stand up.

"Wait!" Carolyn yells at me. I groan and turn around. "I have to go." With that she hung up the phone. "Since Halloween is in two days, we all are going to a haunted house tonight, costume shopping tomorrow, and trick or treating on Halloween!" She jumps off the counter excitingly.

"Trick or treating?" I whine. "Isn't that for 8 year olds?"

"If you are trying to call me and my brother 8 year olds then fine, but we love trick or treating." She crosses her arms while scowling at me.

"No I wasn't." I sigh. "Fine I will go." I then turn around and walk away.

I walk into the living room and plop down on the sofa. My eyes wander outside to the pool. Billy with a couple of his friends are out there swimming. I snort as one of them falls back into the pool. I wish I could be out there enjoying myself. I don't want to be around anyone right now. All I want to do is sulk. I am extremely mad at my parents for doing this to me. I hate the word adopted. I feel like it is one of those cliché moments in dramas or some shit. It isn't a kind of thing that is supposed to happen. It is only supposed to be in tv.

My phone buzzes in my pocket, bring back to reality. I pull it out and see a text from Toby. He is asking me if I made up my mind yet. With a sigh I unlock my phone and type. I take a deep breath before hitting the send button, telling him I will be going to New York. I need sometime away. I think this will be good for me.

I get off the couch and walk towards the back door. I lean up against the wall as I looked out the window at the guys playing water basketball.

"Hot aren't they?" I jump when Carolyn's voice comes out of nowhere. "Sorry didn't mean to scare you." She smiles as she looks out.

"It's fine. You are preparing me for tonight." I focus my gaze back on them. They keep on tackling each other to get the ball, using the water as an advantage. She chuckles and shakes her head.

"Yeah I guess I am." I looked over to see her looking at them, but not really. Her eyes have glazed over and she is zoned out.

"When are we leaving?" I ask, snapping her out of her trance.

"Uh..." She glances at the clock on the cable box. "Two hours."

"I should go take a shower." I sigh.

"Me too." She groans.

We both trudge up the stairs together. Then we turn towards the rooms and enter. After I close the door I lock it. I need my shower time and nobody is interrupting me. I walk over to the bathroom and also lock the door. I walk in front of the mirror and pull my hair out of the bun. I watch as my dirty hair falls on my shoulders.

"I can't wait till the blonde fades out." I whisper to myself. I just want all trace of Summer to disappear. Or maybe I should just become her and have all trace of Winter disappear. I shake my head and quickly remove my clothes. I walk over to the shower and open up the glass door. My eyes once again travel the shower. It amazes me every time I go to get into it. It is covered with light brown tiles and a drain at the floor. The shower head is removable which I love. I can shower myself easier with that thing.

I step into the shower and turn on the water. I quickly adjust it a decent temperature. The water instantly soaks my hair and leaves it clinging to my back and shoulders. I close my eyes and let the hot water run down my body.

Two hours later I am dried, dressing in a white t-shirt, shorts and converse. My hair is in a braid and I am sitting, staring out Williams's car window. William, Carolyn and I are headed to the haunted house. To be honest in am quiet scared. I haven't been to a haunted house since I was 13 and it was more of a babyish one.

When the car pulls into the field and parks next to the other dozens of cars I start to freak out a bit, but I don't show it. I look over at Carolyn and she is smiling like crazy. Oh god she is crazy. We all get out of the car and get on line.

When we enter we are in a graveyard. I stay close to Billy as we walk through. Suddenly, a person runs out in front of us. There is blood dripping down his face and he just stand there breathing heavily, staring at us. I quickly grab onto William's arm and he gives me a reassuring smile.

"Are you scared?" A voice whispers behind me. I scream and close my eyes, holding onto William.

"She obviously is." Carolyn chuckles. I feel her hand rub my back. "Let's keep moving." I quickly nod because I want to get out of here and more importantly the guy is breathing on the back of my neck, making me want to scream even louder.

I open my eyes when the guy goes to bother the new people who entered. Fog starts to appear on the ground as we keep walking further. It starts to get thicker. William has his arm around me and I am shaking. I hate haunted houses. Hate them. With all I got. I should have never agreed to this.

"This is starting to get boring." Carolyn sighs. "Nothing is happening." We walk past one of those house looking tombs where you can open the door, but only with a key. All of a sudden the door opens and something grabs Carolyn, dragging her in. As the door closes I scream and freeze in terror. I need to save her.

"That happened last year. She will be fine. Let's keep moving." William chuckles, pulling me along.

"But, she..." I trail off, confused and scared out of my mind.

"She will be fine." He assures me.

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