Weekend Party! (Ziare)

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"Who's gonna be there?" My mom asks as I pack my overnight bag. "Me, Nasi, Prince, Angel and Laizel. Mom, we're only next door. Don't worry. We'll be fine." I said. "Ok. Your father and I are going out around 7. We may or may not be home tonight. So behave. And don't trash your aunt and uncle's house." "Ok. Aye, K Camp! I'm outta here." I say to my dad. "Aight, Kwony Cash. Be breezy." "Stay Steezy." "And remember, pimping ain't easy." We say in unison before I leave. Prince and Nasi are waiting for me when I walk out. "I'm outta food." Nasi says. "How? Y'all just went grocery shopping." Prince replies. "See the way my smoking habits are along with my parents' jobs. We get fucking hungry!" Nasi answers back and we bust up. "How much cash y'all got in your pockets?" I ask. "$300." Prince says. "$150." "I got $3 ... 75." I say and we try to decide on if we should go get food or just order when we're hungry. "Aye, man. I'm lazy. If we get hungry, we order." Prince says. "Aight. I got dibs on the shower." I say and run into the house.

*4 hours later*

"August, Tyga, Trey Songz. Marry, fuck or kill? Mani, go!" Laizel says. "Easy! Marry August. Fuck the shit outta Tyga and murder Trey in cold blood." I say. "Ooh! Violent!" Angel says. "Ok, ok, ok. Coco Jones, KeKe Palmer, and Nicki Minaj. Marry, fuck or kill? Nasi-poo." I say. "Fuck Coco, marry KeKe, shoot Nicki in the head." He replies and we all laugh. "Aight. We finna get personal. Rihanna, Miley and ... Mani. Marry, fuck or kill? Princeton, get to it." Nasi says and I facepalm. "Can it be more than one option for a person?" Prince asks and we nod. "Cool. So, I'd kill Miley and feed her to my dogs. Fuck Rihanna. And ... fuck and marry Ziare." Prince says. "Ooh! Awkward." I say and avoid his gaze. "Roc, Prodigy, Ray Ray. Marry, fuck or kill? Angel!" Prince says. "That's not fair! I can't kill my babies." Angel whines. "Ok. Trade Rayan for Chris Brown." "Now we talking. Marry Roc. Fuck Prodigy. Kill Chris. I don't like him enough." Angel says and we laugh. "Aight. Next. Truth or dare. Or hide and seek." Nasi says. "Hide and seek!" We shout and say 'not it' as fast as we can so we don't have to look for anyone. Laizel ends up being it and we break ass to find a spot. As we ran through the house, lights were being turned off. I hid behind the staircase in the basement. I was sitting there for like 10 minutes before I heard the door open. I backed up and tried to still my breathing. But I could feel the heat radiating off whoever was walking towards me. Before I knew it, hands had grabbed my waist and pulled me forward while connecting our lips. 'Oh! Prince! Ok.' I thought to myself. I sorta became limp in his arms and just let his lips glide across mine. The kiss was so lazy that I started moving my head along with the song playing in my mind. "Seriously?" Prince asks when he pulls away. "What?" "You're just moving your head. Interfering with my concentration." "Oh, sorry." I say. He shakes his head and kisses me again but with more ... determination, I guess. I hear the door open and I mentally groan. I don't need to be found at this moment. I just wanna kiss Prince in private. He taste like a blue Jollyrancher. "Are we interrupting something?" Vicnasio asks. Me and Prince shoot them the bird while never breaking the kiss. "No answer? Ok! Picture time." They shout and I really don't register what they said until they leave and Prince breaks our kiss. "Them niggahs have pictures of us." I say. "Oh shit! They're probably gonna share them on every social media site." "Not if we delete them." I say and pull him up to the living room.

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