Chapter One; The Foxes

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It was summer of 2014, I woke up and the sun was bright, I smiled. I got up and looked in my mirror, my long red hair was hanging, it was so wavy, and I was wearing a big pink T-shirt that my mother gave me. I dug through my drawers to find something to wear, I pulled out yoga pants and a white half shirt, it was silky. I took off my pink T-shirt and slid the white silky half shirt on, I was about to put my yoga pants on but then I realized it would be hot outside. So I put the yoga pants away and pulled out high waisted shorts and put them on, I went to my bathroom and brushed my teeth, I put my makeup on and brushed my hair, I'm just going to leave it down for today. I walked downstairs to find my mom, dad, and my brother. I sat at the table.

"Morning." I smiled.

"Morning Ari." My dad kissed my head, I smiled.

"Morning dear." My mother said as she gave me my plate with pancakes on.

I looked at my brother.

"Morning Ari." He said.

My brother was the same age as me, well we were twins. His name was Erick.

Erick was usually quite in the mornings but we get along great. My mom and dad sat on the table and we all started eating.

"So what are you two up to today?" My dad said.

"Well I'm just going out to see the foxes." I said.

My mother smiled.

"I think the foxes like you." She said.

I giggled.

"I connect with them." I said.

My mother smiled while she chewed her food. I began eating.

"What are you doing today Erick?" My father asked.

"I don't know." He said.

Erick took one bite and left, he went outside.

My father sighed.

"Don't worry dad. He's just not hungry." I said.

My dad looked at me.

"It's fine." He said.

My dad finished eating and got up, he grabbed his coffee and car keys.

"I'm off to work, bye loves." He said.

"Bye!" Me and mother said at the same time.

Father left.

Me and my mother sat and ate together.

"So are you excited for you're senior year?" She asked.

I chuckled.

"Of course. But I rather not think about school now. Mom it's summer, I'm supposed to have fun." I said.

She smiled.

She got up and grabbed her keys and tossed them to me. I looked at her.

"Go in town and have fun." She said.

"Really?!" I said.

"Well you need to hang out with you're friends from school." She said.

I got up and hugged my mom.

"Thanks mom!" I said.

I ran out of the house not finishing breakfast, I looked for Erick. He was sitting against a tree and I walked up to him.

"You wanna come?" I asked.

Erick stood up.

"Well wherever we're going, its better than here." He said.

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