We Miss You (Pewdiepie OneShot)

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It was pitch black, in this tiny square room. Dust had collected in the corners, and when any of us tried to move, clouds would kick up, causing some to sneeze. None of us had seen daylight in maybe a year or so. We had hoped one day, that he would take us out again, look at us and smile that same goofy smile he had, and laugh. But those days disappeared, along with the hope of seeing him again. 

I awoke, clutching my golden sword in my hand. I got up from the cardboard floor and looked up. The flaps of the box were open. I furrowed a brow as I looked around and saw the others stacking on each other to look over again. I rolled my eyes and made my way towards them. 

"Guys, drop it." I said, my thick french accent emanating in the box. "He won't see you."

"Stephano, you may have lost hope," Mr. Chair looked at me from where he was supporting the others. "But we still love Pewdie, and we know deep down he hasn't forgotten us."

I sighed and turned away, going back to where I had awoke and sat down. 

"Do you see anything?" Jennifer called up to Piggy, who was looking out of the box. 

"No," he replied, sadly. "The closet door is closed." 

They silently dropped from each other and reluctantly went back to their sides of the box. Hours passed, the same as it always was. 

I had fallen back asleep, when suddenly sounds were coming from outside the box. Muffled laughter and shuffled boxes could be heard. I perked up, an ache in my chest. 

Would he find us?

I stood up and pressed my ear to the side of the box. I heard Marzia's voice tell Pewdie to get the boxes down. 

"We need those boxes, there's some important things in there." I heard her say.

"It's just for the summer, girl," he replied. "We don't need all this stuff in the U.K."

They were moving?

I felt ecstatic. If they were moving boxes, it meant that they would see this one, and maybe.. maybe Pewds would be happy to see us again. 

Suddenly, our box jolted. We tumbled around each other, trying to hold onto each other so we didn't fly around in different directions. 

The box stopped moving, and we heard Pewdie make a confused noise. He shook the box lightly, making us tumble around again. We felt him set the box down and I looked up. The flaps opened and there he was.

His sandy golden hair, his bright blue eyes, and his dorky smile. 

"Hey, bros." He looked at us, and laughed. "I missed you."

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