"Blink!" I yell as the other boys notice what is about to happen also. Race and Specs hold me back, and I try to shake them off. I can't let Blink get beat up because of me. If he got hurt, I don't know what I would do with myself. It would be all my fault. I tear up, but I won't allow Jack to get that satisfaction.

I finally manage to get Specs and Race off of me by kicking my leg backwards and hitting Race in the stomach. Jack cracks his knuckles and Blink stands confident, ready to take a hit for me. I run just as Jack starts to throw the punch.

His fist hits my stomach, hard. I had leaped in front of Blink just in time.

Jack smiles. He knew I was stupid enough to do that. Jack has three boys behind them, and they smile too.

Race steps up "It's not healthy to hit a lady." he says "even 'accidentally'"

I start seeing spots. Damn that boy can punch really hard.

Blink was beside me as soon as it happened. He sits on the floor and holds my head in his lap.

"Why? Why in da woirld would you do that?" He says quietly.

"If you get beat up because of me, I would've been so pissed wit' myself." I swallow, blinking back tears. "I love you"

Something is wrong with me. I have known this boy for about two hours, and I've already taken a hit for him and told him I loved him. I hardly ever show emotion- and I don't know why I do now. I must really love him.

Blink pulls me into his lap and hugs me close, just like we were when Jack first found us. Jack walks away with his crew, leaving me and Blink with the six boys. I shouldn't have punched him...

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