Chapter 2

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"When did this happen?" Christina asked with wide eyes.

"Well, Four and I knew each other a long time ago. He just looks different." I vaguely explain. I wonder why he calls himself Four.

"Sure..... anyways. I just heard about the fall dance, has anyone told you about it yet?" Christiana squeals excitedly.

"You just did.." I answer trying to joke and she rolls her eyes.

"So, has any one asked you?" She asks wiggling her eyebrows and I quickly glance at Tobias then look back at her.

"Um.. no." I mutter.

"Really, I am suprised boys aren't crawling all over you!" She exclaims surprised.

"Why would they I am new and shy?" I say flustered.

"Are you kidding, you are striking, smart, athletic, and really nice!" She explains.

"That is soo true, but she is also really beautiful!" Tobias says while standing there awkwardly.

I stand there biting my lip and my face all red, Christiana is smiling wide.

"What?" He says.

"What you just said about Tris was sooooooo sweet!" Chritaina squeals.

"Wait- What! I didn't mean that, I wasn't thinking straight!" Tobias shouts.

I feel tears prick into my eyes in realization and turn back to keep running my last 1/2 mile.

"TRIS!" I hear someone yell, but I keep running while fighting back tears.

Why do I have to be so sensitive.

*Tobias's POV*

"Are you stupid? You know girls have feelings." Christina scolds running after Tris.

I just stand there with guilt flooding my body and a stricken look across my face . My best friend came back then I insult her. What a dipshit I am.

"Wow, Four buddy, haven't seen you so heart broken!" Zeke exclaimed jogging over to me chuckling.

"Shut up Zeke." I remark coldly.

"Ohhh I know what's going on, Uri come over here!" He yells beckoning for Uriah.

"Four here is have girl problems!" Zeke says loud enough smirking, then girls look over and send me flirtatous smiles.

"I think I know who it is, is it Tris?" Uriah asks wiggling his eyebrows.

"Ew, no she is way to smart and there is more hotter girls on his mind anyway." Zeke laughs.

I don't know what runs through me, but anger builds up at the statement that I punch Zeke, knocking him out cold.

"What the hell, Four!?!?" Uriah yells at me then he smacked me. By now there is a small crowd gathering around us, including the teacher.

"Four, office now!" Coach Amar shouts.

I don't argue back instead I storm off in the direction of the building.

Where the hell did she go?

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