S t u d y i n g I s F u n ?

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Oliver bit her fingernails frantically; she didn't know how she was going to break the news to Stan.

She found out Wendy had been cheating on him.

But, most of all, she wanted to know why her mom dressed her up like she did.

It wasn't an actual "study date."

She wore a white blouse with small puffy sleeves, tucked into a blue skirt with white polka-dots that ended right above her knees.

She also wore a pair of white flats, which Oliver had actually brought a pair of flip-flops in her backpack to wear later.

Her hair and face was normal though, despite the fact Oliver's hair was down and she wasn't wearing her favorite hat--but, along with the flip flops, she had brought that with her as well.

Oliver stood in front of Stan's house, at his doorstep--hesitant to knock on the door.

When she finally knocked on the door, she immediately got a reaction.

"Oh, hello, I'm Sharon Marsh." A woman opened the door, and smiled sweetly. She was probably Stan's mom--he did have her head shape, and nose.

"I'm Oliver Dims, a friend of Stan."

"Oh, you must be here for the study group!" There we go, she gets it now.

"Yes ma'am, may I come in?"

Sharon blushed, and moved out of the doorway, "I'm sorry for holding you up, Stan and his friends are upstairs."

The girl smiled a bit, "Don't worry about it, and thank you, Mrs. Marsh!" Oliver said, already walking up the stairs to the boy's room.

She once again got that panicked feeling as she neared Stan's door, but she didn't have time to worry about scenarios when the door sprang open.

"Dammit, you fatass, get back in here!" She heard Kyle yell from inside the room.

"No way, I'm getting some cheese poofs--you can't tell me what to do, you fucking jew!" Cartman yelled right back at him, already standing outside the door.

His head turned, and faced Oliver.

"God dammit; Stan, did you invite this bitch, too?!" Cartman yelled, rolling his eyes, and avoiding said girl's glares.

"Leave Oliver alone, Cartman," Stan sighed, almost sounding exasperated.

"Just get out of my way," Cartman said quietly, his shoulder bumping into the girl's own as he walked past her.

She stared after his retreating figure, slowly getting farther out of her vision as he walked down the steps.

"The hell was that about?" Oliver asked as she entered Stan's room, referencing Cartman's odd behavior.

Stan shrugged and returned to what he was doing, while the others stared with a small tint of pink lingering on their cheeks.

"Y-You look real pretty today, Oliver," Butters complimented, smiling up at the girl, who slowly sat down next to said blonde.

"Thanks Butters, but I really would've worn my other clothes than this..."

"Why didn't you?" Stan asked, eyes suddenly glued to the girl, one brow raised.

"My mom; she always dresses me up--and today, she thought I was going on a "study date.""

"That sucks." Kenny said, finally joining in the conversation.

"Kenny, stop staring at me like a creep."

"Oh, You love me~"

There was a short pause, and soon enough, Oliver became worried again.

She looked up hesitantly, and spoke up, "Stan?"

Said boy looked up, and smiled,

"What's up?" He asked, once again--raising a brow.

"I need to tell you something serious." Oliver's voice faltered slightly as she nervously fiddled with her thumbs.

Stan put down the book he read into, and the smile fell off his face.

"What is it?"

Already, the other boys had dropped their study material and tuned in to conversation.

Oliver took a deep breath, and spoke,

"Wendy's cheating on you, Stan."

Stan stared for a moment, still wearing his serious face.

"W-what?" He asked, his voice faltering.

"Yeah, she's going out with this guy named Peter Pan--I think he's a fifth grader."

Everyone deadpanned at the girl's confusion--except Kenny, who burst out laughing.

"Oliver," Kyle stepped in, "Peter Pan is a Disney character."

Oliver stared back, a blank look on her face.

"Wait, what?"

Everyone suddenly joined Kenny, laughter filling the room.

"You mean that was what I was worried about?" She questioned, earning a comforting hand on the shoulder from Stan, who was wiping his tears from laughing so much.

"Don't worry about it," he said, blushing when the girl stared up at him with big, pitiful eyes.

Oliver laughed a bit before tackling Stan, starting a dog pile--which ended when Cartman came back, and jumped in as well, squishing Kenny.

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