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Elena's POV

(Many hours since she's left the Salvatore house)

I have checked every where but still there is not sign of Stefan. My last resort is in the forest outside the Lockwood property. I slam the door to my mini Cooper. It is a cold blistering night, the wind sounds eerie running throughout the tall trees. I hike through the brush, my only source of light is the impending full moon. As I trudge through the immense forest I strangely have a sense of dejavo when I see a meadow off to the right that looks dead now, but I have a hunch that during Spring it's spectacular.

Flash back

Sun kissed my skin as I danced through the meadow of wild flowers. It was the first day of Spring and Stefan and I had been planning on going to the town's Spring party.

But Stefan being the worry wort that he is decided to stay in and finish his English essay.  I mean :              ' really?'  I think to myself: 'you're an 100 year old vampire and yet you care about what grade you get on an English paper, seriously?'

 Today was the first time Stefan and I have gotten into a serious a argument.

Everything was better today, the air warmer, the flowers prettier, and the grass -yet  still scruffy - felt the tiniest bit smoother against the bottoms of my bare foot feet.

"Damon!"I call 

"Come dance with me!"

As I spin around in circles with my arms and fingers stretched out towards the vivid sun, I let myself breath in the fresh air for the first time in months.

After Stefan told me that he was staying in on such a glorious day I told him that he was boring. He said that I was insecure and that I took things for granted. After some dirty looks and dramatic huffs  I ran down stairs . 

Just to my luck, Damon was standing  in kitchen making pancakes in the shape of spring flowers. Maybe spring was going to his head because seeing Damon in that floral apron is going to give me nightmares. When I poured out my heart over a glass of milk and a mouth full of pecan/banana pancake. Damon sighed before quietly chuckling.

"You're going to let my menstrual brother ruin your day? And I thought you had pep Gilbert?" 

"Yeah and I thought your brother was fun."

"Stefan ... fun ... never ! Really have you met him? Oh wait it's because your not fun either!"

"That's so not true Salvatore ," I glare as I swat at his arm. 

"Fine then let me take you wherever I want for the day, no complaints and no vervaine necklace,"

Feeling vengeful toward Stefan and ready for a taste of excitement helped me decide.

"Count me in."

That is how we got to this beautiful meadow. After being convinced that Damon was kidnapping me I finally let loose and danced like I haven't since my parents were alive. My hair down almost reaching my waist, my face make up less and heart soaring wide open. 

When I become winded.  I run over to Damon and fall back onto the cushion like grass. 

He does the same, falling back onto the ground. We are lying face to face. I can't pull my eyes away from him though I know I should, but I can't. Then he laughs to himself.

At first I think he is going crazy but with Damon there is always a reason.

"What's so funny?" I ask curiously. My eyebrows knitted together in thought. 

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