Alxandier Crossfaith

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Hello My Name Is Alxandier Issac Crossfaith


I am 5'8

I am the exact opposite of my twin brother

I have green eyes unlike my brother's awesome traits

-Social Anxiety



My favorite color is Blue

I have a lot of scars In my heart.

I have a few scars on my body.

I am a marked man

I prefer to be alone

Bands I listen to: Pierce The Veil, Falling In Reverse, Our Last Night, SayWeCanFly, Secret And Whisper, Silverstein etc.

My Theme song Is Hate- Get Scared

I am my twin  brother's shadow but I am fine with that.

I don't have to many friends since of my social anxiety.

I have a few Tattoes and a couple of Piercings. I have Blue Hair with purple tips.

We Have two cats. One is Black And The Other Is White. Crow and Dove

I play the Drums

Here's Our Best Friend

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