Moms non stop talking.

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ok im 100% sure you all have gone through this one way or another.

So like I was just sitting and reading some stories non stop and I honestly did'nt even know what was happening around me.

And suddenly my Mom asks "So what do you think?" so I went with the safest answer.

"Yeah sure cool." And a small smile.

"Do you even know what I was talking about?"

"Ofcourse.Why wouldnt I"

She raised her eyebrow.

"Um you were talking about something about curtains yeah" I smiled with glee as I remembered her ONE word.Her face grew red.

"That was the first word I said and I have been talking for One whole hour---------"

OMG I ignored her for one whole hour.Wow thats long.

"Urgh your grounded!" She screamed and that broke me out.

" What? Why?"

"Oh so now you listen to me. Well in two grounded days you'll learn about how to pay attention" and I was left with a hanging mouth.

it wasnt a funny or embarassing moment but it happened two days ago and I just wanted to warn you all to never do this.Always pay attention learn from my grounded days ;)

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