Broken Angel Part 17

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*Rosa's P.O.V.*

I saw Brandon get up and look my way smiling at me as I smiled back at him and took a seat at the table. I looked outside the window and saw the snow sprites playing around it's a long way kinda til winter but I know how much the snow sprites love to play around before they get serious about winter season. I giggled and looked back at Brandon who was enjoying his blueberry oatmeal. "So did you sleep well Brandon? I'm sorry you slept on the couch because of me." "It's not a problem Rosa it's okay and I slept great. What about you?" "I really don't know I don't even remember falling asleep really." "Well I found you passed out outside last night so I carried you here and tucked you in my bed" "You did?" "Sure I did why wouldn't I?" Brandon sure is sweet to do that for me and helpful as well I thanked him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled then hugged me I hugged him back and we said our goodbyes so we can both get ready for the day.

*Brandon's P.O.V.*

After Rosa left I cleaned the dishes then took a nice hot shower for a few minutes thinking about last night. I still wonder how is it Rosa was asleep outside on the ground I would understand if she fell asleep on a bench or the foutain but it was on the ground. I stepped out the shower and got dressed in a blue shirt with a pair of jeans and combed my hair. I walked to the foutain and saw Kohan was there he looked like he was talking to himself a bit.

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