Chapter 10

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First off thank you to everyone who is reading this fic. I can't believe I have over 90 reads it's truly awesome. So thank you guys for reading


Pandora's POV

I step onto the bus and look around. It is huge, it has a kitchen area, a front and back lounge, a huge bunk area, and a decent size bathroom. It doesn't seem so terrible as people say.

"This doesn't seem so bad," I say flopping down on the couch. "Oh, you'll see what we mean, you'll be spending the next 6 months on this bus, it gets old after a while," Jack says flopping down next to me and putting his arm around me.

"Okay we have a couple rules for the bus," Alex says. "Alex we already went through this for fuck's sake," I groan. "But these are rules for the bus, now if there is too much PDA on the bus, I will personally have Zack separate you two, and this rule goes for all of you if any of you don't like my sister you can all deal with me, okay?" Alex announces. "Okay Alex calm the fuck down, and stop being so over protective, jeez," I say slightly annoyed.

We all pick our bunks and set our stuff in the spare bunks.

"Since you're bunking with me, you might wanna know that we are using my Adventure Time sheets," Jack states while crossing his arms. "Who said I was bunking with you?" I tease him. "Well, since we are a couple now, I forbid you to sleep alone in a different bunk," Jack declares whilst snapping his fingers sassily. "Yay that means I can put my stuff in the bunk I was gonna use," I jump up and down excitedly. "Go out your stuff in your bunk and meet me in mine, I want cuddles," Jack pouts. "Okay Jacky, we can cuddle," I say while squeezing his cheeks. I walk over to the spare bunk and grab my stuff out of it and put it in my old bunk. I walk over to Jack's bunk and is greeted by him struggling to put the sheets on his bed.

"Need some help?" I smile and cross my arms. "WHY THE FUCK WON'T THIS SHIT WORK? GODAMNIT," Jack screams with frustration. "Jack, calm down, I can help you," I reply calmly. "Fine, but why can I never put fucking sheets on a tiny bed?" he asks. "I don't know Jacky, but it's fine I can help," I answer.

We finally get the sheets on the bed and it looks very nice. We walk into the front lounge where everyone is playing video games. While I'm watching them, I get a text from Jack.

Jack: Hey let's go in the back lunge and talk or something, I'm bored.

Me: Okay

I get up and walk into the back lounge. Jack follows behind me. We get into the back lounge and him and I just sit there awkwardly.

"You wanna watch a movie?" Jack asked with a hopeful smile. "Sure Jack what mov-" I was cut off by Jack screaming,"HOME ALONE!!" "Okay Jack," I laugh.

"Jack, why the fUCK ARE YOU SCREAMING?" Alex yells. "We get to watch home alone," Jack says innocently. "Well, since you guys are watching movies why don't we join?" Alex asks as everyone nods their head in approval.

We put on Home Alone and I walk into the kitchen area and grab some snacks. I walk back into the back lounge and look around for a seat and the only seat is on Jack's lap. As I look at Jack and decide whether I should or shouldn't sit in his lap, he pats his lap for me to sit on it. I take up his offer and walk over to him and sit down and the whole time Alex is watching my every move.

As the movie hits the middle, my eyelids start to get heavy and I start to get very sleepy. I close my eyes and start to fall asleep. As I take my last heavy breath Jack whispers in my ear,"Goodnight, love," and that was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep on my boyfriend's lap.

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