Chapter 8

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“Oh... my... gosh..." I whispered, almost fainting. My subscriber count was unbelievable. I had exactly 99,999 subscribers... one more until one million. In a matter of months of recording with team crafted I had become super popular. I couldn't believe it. One more. I started to record my screen and refreshed like crazy. Click click click... boom.

After five minutes of refreshing I saw a new number appear on the screen.

It was 1,000,000. I had a million subscribers. I screamed into my microphone while recording. I was literally going to drop completely dead. And although I say that all the time, I really felt like I was.

I called up the crew, and although it was almost midnight, they agreed to record a subscriber special with me... in real life.

It would be the first time I saw them in real life, and we were going to record an omegale video. I was so excited to chat with my fans, and tweeted them the news, so they could maybe get to chat with me. I was so excited.

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