Let's be alone together ~ Chapter 13.

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The four boys arrived at Pete’s flat and managed to walk up the stairs after stopping a few times for Phil to catch his breath. Pete twisted the door knob, it was locked. Strange, Patrick was home and he never locks the door before Pete gets back, he dug his key out of this pocket and shoved it into the lock, pushing open the door it hit the wall with a loud smack, well, if Patrick was sleeping he was certainly awake now.

But the sight they saw in front of them was not something uncommon to Pete’s eyes, Brendon and Patrick were making out on the couch, forgetting that the other three boys were not accustomed to such a sight when being greeted home, Pete turned around to see them with wide eyes and dropped jaws, all apart from Ryan who stood there giggling at the sight. Ryan coughed nervously and Patrick and Brendon pulled apart looking sheepish. “Hey Pete, I, erm, didn’t think you’d be home this early... Or bring company, thanks for the warning.” Patrick said looking at his hands but at the end of his sentence pulled his head up to shoot Pete and evil glare.

“Hey Brendon, and sorry Patty-cakes I didn’t know you’d be having company over, I’ll just take these guys to my room and you can finish.... whatever you guys were doing” Pete said, sending Patrick a wink, and walking across the room motioning for the others to follow.

Upon closing the door to Pete’s room the four boys burst out laughing. “I didn’t know Patrick was gay too.” Phil said after curing his case of the giggles.  

“Patrick? He’s probably the gayest of them all.” Ryan said, still laughing.

“Babe, you made him sound like a fairy princess or something.” Pete said, making the four laugh again. There was suddenly a loud bang on the door next door to them, simulating that Patrick and Brendon were now continuing whatever they had been doing in Patrick’s room, or were currently at least attempting to. “Well, who wants some music on, so we don’t have to listen to what’s going on next door?” Pete piped up after a minute.

“Yep, I’m all for it, babe, did you bring your ipod I want to show the others this song?” Dan said, playing with the back of Phil’s hair, while sitting opposite him. Phil didn’t respond but simply pulled the IPod out of his pocket and placed it in Dan’s hand. “Thanks babe, have you got a good sound system?” he said turning to Pete.

“Only the best, how else do you think I still have some innocence regarding Patrick and Brendon’s relationship? I’d like to think they were doing homework in there right now.” Pete said taking the IPod off Dan hooking it up and pressing play on the song Dan had selected.

“You mean Patrick doesn’t talk about anything they do together?” Ryan said curiously.

“Nope we had an agreement that we wouldn’t tell each other unless unsure of what to do.” Pete said, pulling Ryan to sit in between his legs, facing the others.

After a few hours of talking there was a small knock on Pete’s door, and Patrick appeared around the corner. “Erm, hey.” He said feeling awkward.

“Hey, Patrick, what’s up?” Pete said pulling his eyes away from Ryan for a second.

“Well, erm, nothing, it’s just Brendon’s taking me out to dinner, so I just thought I’d tell you before I left.” Patrick said.

“Sure, you guys have fun, we’re just gonna order pizza or something. I’ll see you tomorrow?” Pete said raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll see you tomorrow, nice meeting you Dan and Phil. See you tomorrow too Ryan, don’t you guys have too much without me.” Patrick said shutting the door.

“Don’t worry, we won’t Patrick” replied Ryan. Smiling at Patrick, telling him it was okay and that he didn’t need to be embarrassed. Ryan was pretty sure he’d be seeing a lot more of that soon. Once the door was shut, Dan piped up.

“So, who wants to play truth or dare?” Pete and Phil nodded. Ryan was not looking forward to this. 

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