Chapter 25: Washington DC

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As morning approached, we made our way to the rest of the group who was I the town nearby.

The town wasn't that far away, we passed a BBQ shack, and a corner shop. Then hit the town.

We all walk into the house, where they all sat. Eugene, Abraham, Carol, Judith, Rosita, Maggie, Beth and Morgan.

"We're back." I say, my call echoing throughout the room.

"Did you find anything good?" Beth asks.

"Kinda. But we found something interesting." Mika said.

"What was that?" Beth asked.

"Lauren's immune to walker bites. She could be the cure." She says.

I can see Abraham's face light up, and excitement brewed in his eyes.

"You need to go to Washington. We need to go. Straight away!" He exclaimed.

"Why?" I asked, confused.

"You could save the world. Restore civilisation." He says.

Saving the world, that's fancy.

"We go tomorrow." I say and that was my final decision.

"No. We are not risking losing people!" Rick says.

I pull my gun out and fully load it.

"We go, or I attract walkers?" I say.

"No. We are not." Rick sternly stated.

So, I squeeze the trigger of my gun, as the bullets hit the floor, echoing around the empty room.

"Alright! Alright!" Rick shouts. "We leave in the morning."

"We can use the truck we picked up from Woodbury, space for everyone and our supplies in the back, and it was military truck so it'll last long." Daryl adds.

"Sounds like a plan." I say.

"We can stop at the local police station, grab the guns and weapons. Were gonna need them at least." Rick says.

"Okay. Everyone okay with that?" I say, and everybody nods.

"We need some more formula for Judith, and if we're going to be on the road for long periods at a time, we're going to need more." Carol adds.

"And food." Carl says.

"And water." Mika adds.

"Okay, we'll get a month supply of everything at a time." Daryl says.

Everyone lays there stuff our for the night, but I wanted to talk to Daryl. I've never really had a one on one conversation with him since we reunited.

"Daryl?" I say, as he sits in the kitchen, eating some pigs feet.

"Yes lil lady." He says, our eyes meeting .

"Could I talk to you?" I say, as I take a seat next to him.

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