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"What do you want in return?"

Ela's POV

My ears filled up with the annoyance of a very familiar ringtone. A tone I didn't want to hear this early in the morning.

I pulled away from Harry's strong embrace and rolled over, quickly jumpingto grab the nuisance on the oak counter.

"Hello?" I answered at a hush tone.

"ELA! It's Melinda!" Her voice rung through my ears at full force.

"Geez. Melinda, why are you so loud?" I rubbed my temples as I felt the growing headache approaching.

"Well, Miss Ela, we have great news!"

Is she wanting me to guess what is going on?

"And what could that be Melinda?" I said hoping my sarcasm and annoyance was crystal clear.

"I was hoping you would ask!"

I guess it didn't work.

"You and the girls are getting your own magazine line! It's all about Baseline. This is big for you girls!" She cheered practically screaming.

"That's great, Melinda." I droned twirling my favorite bracelet Harry gave me that ceased to leave my wrist since he gave it to me.

"I know! I shall see you at 1:15 sharp at the offices! Don't be late." Before I could even protest to the unreasonable time, she hung up.

I couldn't help but groan. Harry and I had a cute date planned out, and now, that's ruined.

I slid my phone on the desk and crawled back over to my sleepy boyfriend.

The way his curls perfectly floated over his forehead and his broad chest breathing deeply made my heart swirl. This is why I loved waking up next to him.

I wrapped the covers around my naked body and snuggled closely into Harry's chest.

His bare chest gave me goosebumps. His muscles loosened and clenched every time he took a breath, and I couldn't help but trace the tattoos.

I started to trace the defined areas around his tiny belly button when he started to stir.

I pulled my hand away quickly, but he was faster and grabbed it.

"Hey babe. Don't need to stop." His raspy morning voice made me swoon.

As he slowly fluttered open his eyes, I started to tracing again. He quietly watched me with much intent. His eyes were hooded from just waking up.

"I couldn't imagine a more perfect morning than this." He whispered. His voice was filled with so much rasp that it was almost hard to distinguish his speech. However the tone sent shivers down my spine and into my core.

"Well, I get to wake up to the most perfect boy who I trust with all my heart to see my in this state. I couldn't imagine a more perfect morning than this." I I looked up at him completely serious.

"Get over here."

All at once Harry pulled me off his chest and on top of him so I was straddling him. My fingers gripped at his defined broad shoulders.

"Now, I get have this extraordinary girl on top of me. I may be the luckiest person on the planet." he told me with a slight smirk.

Personally I thought to myself that I am actually the luckiest. I get to have a boyfriend who accepts and supports me through everything. I get a boy who shares the same interests and views as me. But most of all, I get this boy that cares endlessly about me. I couldn't ask for anything more than this.

"Ela-" I cut Harry's deep voice off as I clashed my dry lips into his plump, smooth lips.

I drew my body so close to his chest, we seemed to be physically and emotionally connected as our kisses deepened into a feverous need.

He pulled me into him even more as he flipped over and hovered over me. His hair tickled my chin as his eyes scanned all over my naked body. Even without saying anything, this moment meant everything to me. I no longer felt shy under his gaze. I felt comfortable. I felt wanted.


I cut him off again, "Harry, just fucking kiss me."

With that, Harry hungrily dove into my lips. It was like our lips were competing for victory but neither one could win because they enjoyed the contending.

I clawed my hands up his back as his tongue attacked my neck like a tiny army.

"You may be the most fucking immaculate thing I have ever laid eyes on." He suprised me with his exclamation.

"Maybe you should look in the mirror," I whispered ever so slightly.

Harry leaned down and left the sweetest peck on my lips. The peck meant so much more than a simple kiss. The love I felt for him was at an all time high at that moment. I never felt so alive. It made me feel even better to see the same look in his eyes too.

"How about we go make some breakfast?" He asks with a cheeky grin.

"If you insist." I say sitting up as he hops off the bed.

"You know what! Better yet. I will make some breakfast and serve it to you. In bed." he winked.

"No. No. That's too sweet of you. What do you want in return?" I asked with a seductive smile.

"I did say I was serving you in bed, right? I think that says enough." he licked his lips.

I turned scarlette red. Redder than the A Hester Pyrnee was doomed to wear forever. "Alright. Well then you better hurry.." I winked and slowly drew back on the bed.

"I'll scramble more than just eggs that's for sure." He mumbled loud enough for me to hear as he left the room.

Even his cheesy jokes and quirky ways make my heart jump. I can't even be around him anymore without completely losing my marbles.

I climb off the bed and slide on my lace panties lying next to my dress from last night. Instead of putting that back on, I grab one of Harry's band tshirts. It was extremely large on me but it felt perfect.

After brushing my teeth and taming my messy hair, I laid in Harry's big empty bed scrolling through Twitter. The buzz seemed to be about everyone buying this magazine of Baseline. I smiled to myself. Finally no rumors and just a good piece of information out there about us.

After catching up on the current Hollywood scandals and rehab attendees, I checked the clock, 11:45.

Harry has probably been cooking for the past half hour, and he is still nowhere in sight. Fortunately, I don't smell any burning fumes.

While responding to some unread texts, I hear a buzz on the bedside table. Looking over I see Harry's phone lights up with new notifications. I decided to check to see the if there was any urgent issues Harry needed to know about, but as I grabbed his phone, my stomach dropped.

On the front of the screen, shone the name: Alexa.

"Did you tell her yet? She needs to know how you REALLY feel." I read the serious text message.

My stomach was now doing back flips and summersaults. There was this anxious feeling growing deeper and deeper as I picked apart the text.

What does she mean? Is Harry going to dump me? How he really feels? I thought we were having a great time together?

The better question is why is she texting him?! Again, he is going to her advice about ME. Why the fuck does he never come to me? Of course not. He goes running to my best friend.

I start to slide Harry's unlock screen to find out more about this outrageous text. As I open his phone, Harry saunters into the bedroom with a platter full of steaming food and a red apron wrapped around his bare waist.

He stops when he notices I am holding his phone.

"Ela, what are you doing with my phone?"

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