Visiting Rosie

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"Hay Rosie" I said over the phone,

"Hay Mia!" She said excitedly, it was Saturday and I had nothing to do for once in my life.

After yesterday's fall and with spraining my ankle, I was tired of just lying in my bed and doing nothing,

"I was wondering if I could come over or we could go out somewhere?" I said, plus I hadn't been out in ages with Rosie, I was always being depressed in my room and Rosie would always offer to go somewhere but I would turn her down,

"Yeah sure, maybe you can come to my house and we can go to the park later?" She said,

"Awesome! I will see you soon." I said

"Cool bye" Rosie said, I ended the call and went up to my room and packed a bag to go to Rosie's house.

I looked through my cupboard for something nice to wear for the park but as usual didn't have anything really so I decided to go with a pair of grey jeans and a short loose top that was a light pink color.

"Tay?" I said as I walked into her room,

"Yes" She said while texting,

"I'm going to Rosie's now, I'll see you later" I said smiling,

"Ok, make sure your back for supper though" Taylor said as she looked up from her phone and smiled at me.

I left the house and I limped to Rosie's house which was just around the corner, my ankle had swelled down a lot and I could just walk on it but not for very long, plus all the pain medication was a big help to not feel anything.

I got to Rosie's house and rung the door bell, I heard the door open and I saw Rosie,

"Hay Mia" She said as she rushed outside to hug me,

"Hay" I said as I hugged her back,

we both walked together into her giant house, I walked through her neutral colored house and past Rosie's older brothers room which was black and full of posters that had rock bands on them, I looked over to her brother and had forgotten that he was covered in black ink and had a few piercings, when I first met Rosie brother he kinda scared me but he is actually so sweet.

"Justin could you please put your music down, I can hardly hear what Mia is saying to me!" Rosie said shouting into his door as he lay down on his bed and texted away,

he looked up and saw me and immediately put down his rock n' roll music that blared through the house walls down,

"Hay Mia." He said as he got up and hugged me with one arm, which was always so awkward.

"Hay Justin" I said softly, he was so tall and I hardly ever saw him.

"Come on Mia!" Rosie said pulling my hand and dragging me to her room.

She closed her room door and I looked around her dark room too, Rosie was a bit dark but not overly like her brother, I think she was just influenced by him when she was younger, Rosie Only had two tattoos, one on her ankle of a butterfly and then a quote on her back that I can never remember, something about how people can't accept some people the way they are.

"Come sit." Rosie said patting the open spot next to her,

I nodded and sat down on her bed and made myself comfortable,

"So what happened yesterday with Xavier!" She said, her eyes glowing with excitement,

I told Rosie everything from the fall to his comment about the hugs, and him staying over for a drink and about us talking,

"Did he really say that their was only one girl in the whole school he hasn't hugged yet!" She said practically screaming of excitement,

"Yeah, he did, and he hasn't hugged me yet!" I said rethinking the moment and the way I felt.

"That is so crazy!" Rosie said shaking her head, I laughed at her and she laughed with me.

Rosie and I had decided just to stay home and talk instead of going to the park, I wasn't really allowed to sleep over, but I didn't really like it cause I would see how Rosie's family is so whole and perfect but mine is so broken.

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