Chapter 3

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"Uhm, Hi" I said timidly ," I'm Lottie, n-nice to meet you"

"Hi again Lottie, I like your name" he says while giving me a cheeky smile, " I'm Jack, and this nugget here, is Finn" I glance next to him and see an equally boy-pretty, but more timid, boy standing there, giving me a polite wave. "Nice to meet you too Finn" I nod.

"Now, Jack, have you brought the Nandos, because I'm staaaaaaarving" Alfie exclaimes.

"Yes I did, do you really expect that I forget stuff? I'm always prepared"

"Pfft, you wish" Finn states while taking a seat at the table, "Do you remember that time we went to New York, and while we were checking in, you realised that you didn't have your passport on you? True preparedness" I start laughing which causes Jack to look at me. His gaze makes me blush and I quickly look at the ground."This will be a long night" I think to myself. "Your smile is really pretty" Jack says, his gaze still on me. " Jack, will you please stop flirting, you're getting the girl uncomfortable, and making me feel sick" Caspar says," plus, you're keeping us from enjoying chicken"

"Uh, right" I mumble, still flustered, "I'll get my own food quickly, uh, I'll be ri-"

"No, eat with us, Louis probably got some spare food he'll want to share with you" Zoe says

"Sure thing love, I've got enough, what do you want, extra hot wings or a salad or fries or, a chicken breast?" A guy says, who I've only seen in some of Caspar's vlogs. I was always amazed by his dreads, I really liked them already on video, but they were even more amazing in real life.

"Are you sure? I don't want to bother you guys, I mean, I'm fine with getting my own food"

"Yes, he's sure, now sit, and enjoy some fries' Alfie says putting me in a chair.

"Mhhm that was absolutely lovely" I say "Thanks for the fries Louis"

"No problemo" he says while giving me a wink.

" Soooo, what are our plans for tonight guys?" Marcus says. I had seen Marcus many times before as he was Alfies best friend. I liked him aswell, he was nice, and funny too.

"I think we'll stroll around right?"Finn says "We've brought our penny boards, you guys have rollerskates, and Zoe and Lottie can both take a bike right?"

"Sounds amazing" Marcus agrees.

"Well, then me and Lottie should get the bikes right. We'll wait for you guys in the lobby allright?" Zoe states."We'll see you guys in a bit"

"I think Jack likes you a bit" Zoe says teasingly.

"Nah, he does not. Dutch people aren't attractive in general, at least, not the dutch people I know."

" Oh really, is it that bad in Holland?" She says while she enters the elevator.

" Yeah, you have, what me and my Dutch friends call, socially undevoloped people, who aren't properly dressed, showing to much skin and well, are a bit unfriendly I'd say"

" Doesn't soud too good if I'm honest, but we've got those people here aswell. And you aren't one of those. You are nice, your clothes are very nice. I like your outfit, I forgot to mention it earlier on"

"Oah thank you so much, you look nice aswell, with your floral dress, and pretty hair"

"Thanks to you too, but back to the subject. Jack likes you, as much as he can like you at the first meeting, and you'd look so cute together. Oh god, I'm sorry I must sound like a freak right now."

"No, no, no, don't worry. I'm used to stuff like that. My friends did that all the time."

The elevator opened and we walked towards were the bikes were stood. After we'd gotten the bikes, we walked towards the lobby to see that the boys were already waiting there. Without knowing, I noticed that Jack wasn't there and I was looking for him.

"Where's Jack?" Zoe asks as if she could read my mind.

"He forgot his jacket, he went back upstairs" Finn says.

Idiot, I thought to myself. I had been chatting to Finn for at least five minutes when I heard a loud thud right behind me. When I turn around I see a long figure lying on the ground, groaning. As I take a second look I realize it is Jack, and I run up to him.

"Are you okay?" I ask him worried.

"I'm fine now." he says smirking.

"JACK! Stop flirting with my neighbour, she's innocent, and I want to keep it that way" Alfie shouts across the lobby.

"Wait, why am I innocent?"

"Oh come on, look at you, you're like a puppy. You can't not be innocent"

"Yeah yeah, enough of that innocent chatter, are you gonna help me up or what?"

"Don't be such a baby and get up" Alfie says.

"Fine, fine, naggy waggy."

"Naggy waggy?" I ask " What does that mean?"

"Nothing, he's talking nonsense, Lottie" Alfie explains while he walks back to the group.

"I'm not talking nonsense, Alfie is a naggy waggy.' Jack whispers." Naggy waggy is a cool word, maybe even the best besides cheeky"

" What about moist?" I say.

" DON'T EVER SAY THAT WORD AROUND ME AGAIN!" Jack screams running away.

"What?" I say running after him. " What's wrong with moist?"


" All right I will" We have reached the group again and we are greeted with some weird looks.

"What's happening here?" Caspar says

"She said THE word." Jack says

"Oh no, she did" Finn says while looking shocked at me.

"Okay guys, what is happening here" I ask rather frightened of the situation.

Everyone keeps looking at me with dirty looks until they burst out in laughter again.

"What the actual..." I exclaim.

"We got ya there" Marcus says." We all hate the word moist, so whenever someone says that, we react like that generally. It pretty funny to be honest." I'm still startled, and unable to say anything.

"Well, leggo skatin' biking or rollerskating then" Caspar says.

I walk towards my bike and feel an arm around me.

"You're cute too when you're confused"

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