15. High Hopes- Kodaline

16. Dear True Love- Sleeping At Last

Harry's POV

The only sounds filling the peaceful silence of the room are the small, soft draws of breath emanating from Ally's rose petal lips. Her long legs are hopelessly entangled in mine and her small, soft hands rest in the center of my chest as she drifts into a deep, tranquil sleep. She looks so happy and peaceful in her sleep that even the sight of her puts to rest the demons lurking about inside my head. All the unsettled anger and anxiety brewing at a low simmer inside of me evaporates into thin air when I study certain things about her, like the way she walks so carefully, as if each step is a layer of thin glass that could potentially break should she step too hard, or her constant need to sleep with something enclosed in her arms every night.

I never noticed little things like this before with other girls I had once fucked around with. I didn't give a shit about the way their eyes would screw shut in elation from the ways I could touch them or the scratches their fingernails would leave marred down my arms. I would carelessly slam into them over and over again, not giving two shits if they were moaning solely because the pleasure was too overwhelming for them or the excruciating pain I had most likely caused them from being too rough. Girls would rarely stay the entire night because I would kick them out right after we had our fun; the only time they've ever spent the night was if we were bombed, and even then I couldn't get them out fast enough in the morning. They would want to go to breakfast or hang out all day, but I wouldn't have it.

That all seemed to change as soon as I met Ally.

Suddenly every detail seemed more pronounced, magnified, enhanced when I pleasured her, and I realized how much more satisfying it is to go slower so I could watch her entire body writhe beneath my touch.

The best part was that every time we got into these kinds of situations, I learned something new about her. The first time we kissed, I discovered that she was even more stubborn when she was drunk. Then later that night, when she kissed me in my apartment, and pulled my hair.. fuck, it was starting to make me hard just thinking about it. And the first time I got her to come for me, I reveled in the way she trembled under my touch, the way the sound of my name rolling off her tongue in strangled syllables had left echoes in my head several days after the dirty deed.

That's also when I realized how much of a fucked up past she's had; those scars covering the pale skin of her forearms had clearly proved it all. She wasn't as tough as she led on, but I was slowly starting to realize why she had to keep up a façade like that.

So fuck-ups like me couldn't hurt her anymore than she already has.

To be honest, I had expected myself to grow tired of her by now, the way I had become bored with all the other girls I'd been with in the past, but strangely enough, I wasn't. In fact, every time I was with her, something inside of me kept growing and growing, and I had no fucking clue what it was. It was so foreign to me, and I didn't know how to deal with it. All I knew was that I would never get enough of Ally, no matter how many times I touched or kissed her.

The sudden sound of the door creaking open rips me away from my thoughts, and I instinctively pull Ally a little closer to me. Only when I see the full head of blonde curls shuffle through the doorway do my muscles relax.

"Relax, it's just me," Carson chuckles as she flips her hair back over her should with the back of her hand, sending a complacent smirk my way.

Fuck, I hate being on the other side of them.

I watch her carefully from my spot on the bed as her gaze falls on Ally's sleeping figure in my arms, shortly followed with another wide, smug smile that blossoms across her entire face.

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