Chapter 11

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Nepeta's POV

We all walked out to the car that Equius allowed us to borrow. Karkat offered to drive since he was the only one to bring his license and Id rather sit shot gun. Kanaya walked to the right side of the blue Ford Escape to the backseat that way her and I could face each other while talking. Karkat walked over to the drivers seat and got in. I went to the passenger seat and sat as Karkat turned the keys in the ignition and the engine roared. I turned around in my seat so I was facing Kanaya.

"So Kanaya how have you and Rose been?"

"Oh We've Been Fine Thank You Dear. Our One Year Anniversary Will Been Coming Up In A Few Months Actually."

"That's furrtastic. How will you guys be celebrating?"

"I Dont Really Know We'll Probably Just Go Out To A Restaurant."

"You guys should go where you had your furst date."

"That's An Excellent Idea Nepeta."

"Wow. You guys will have been together for a year. That means weve only know Rose, Jade, John, Dave, Roxie, Dirk, and Jake for a year."

"You're right Karkitty we haven't known them that long. It feels like weve now them furever though."

"Actually we've known Roxie, Jake, Dave, Dirk and Jane for less then a year they moved down after Jade, Rose and John"

Dirk or as Dave called him 'Bro' moved down with Dave. Hes a year older than us but because of when his birthday falls goes to the same school as us and is in the same grade. Equius and him get along pretty because they have a lot of the same interests such as building robots.And even though I still call Dirk and Dave new kids theyve been with us for a few months now.

"Its so weird to think we havent known them our whole lives."

"We are almost there only ten more miles or so."

"Its a 30 minute drive Karkitty you should drive so fast to where it takes only 10 or 15."

"I wasnt driving that fast was I Kanaya."

"You Are About 30 Miles Above The Speed Limit."

"Fine ill slow down."

He began to slow down as he let out and annoyed sigh. This caused both Kanaya and I to have hold back laughter. Everytime we drove Karkat would go way above the speed limit causing someone to comment. He would always try to get someone to agree that he wasnt going that fast and always failed in the attempt. But even with the cars speed lowered we were still above the speed limit causing the ten miles to go by in a flash. In no time we were driving up the drive way towards Dave's house. When we park Karkat, Kanaya and I got out and traveled up the walk way to the door. His house was a one story cute little home with the an outside that was painted Texas orange and a large back yard with a forest showing the end of their property. The door was a tall oak door with an old knocker on it. On either side were windows but the glass had designs on them causing anyone who tries to look in vision to be blurred with swirls and leaves of designs. Karkat grabed the knocker and hit the door hard enough for someone to hear but still not damaging it. You could hear inside where music was playing and peoples feet were Pitter-papptering across the floor toward the door. Then it opened to the sight of Dave in pajama bottoms a black t-shirt with a red zip up jacket and a beanie along with his shades. Along with Terezi who was standing beside him in what she went to school in, jeans her school shirt and her red sunglasses.


And with that I toppled over as she jumped to hug me. As we both started to try and stand we started to laugh.

"Hello to you to Terezi."

"Sorry 4bout th3 t4ckl3 1ts just th4t you sc4r3d m3 wh3n you d1dnt show up for 4rt 4nd lunch."

"But 4fter K4n4y4 got your c4ll sh3 told 3v3ryon3 th4t s1ts w1th us 4t lunch 1n 4 group t3xt wh4t h4pp3n3ed."

With that almost as if it was a que Dave looked at Karkat and said

"You sure your ok dude. I mean if you want im sure all the guys would be willing to go after the jerks with us."

"Nah im fine last thing I want is the reputation of someone who fights in a locker room. I mean half the dudes where just in boxers."

With a smirk Dave responded

"You do that to surprise em. Theyd never think youd punch someone when only wearing boxers."

We all laughed at that.

Karkat and Dave didnt use to be this close but a month or so ago something happened and theyve been as close as Roxie and Jane. We all liked it better this way becausw there was never any stress or drama we were all just a huge group of friends.

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