Chapter two: curse broken (Willow Dreams)

I woke up from the terrible curse to find a young pup. She stared at me with curiosity and wonder. She had beautiful moon yellow eyes. "Dawn?" Said the pup. But who is Dawn? Wait, maybe she thinks my name is Dawn. "No WILLOW." I said. "Wiwo?"she said. "No Will-ow..." Then she stepped closer to get a good look. "My name is Willow, what is yours?" Then she looked at me and said "Luna!" I had no clue why I was here, where I was or why Luna was so curious about me... Wait, she must of broke the curse! "Thank you! Thank you!" I said. "For what?" "For braking the curse!" I answered. Then she walked away and headed toward the small clearing. So I ran up to her and followed her. "Umm...thanks a lot." I told her. Then she said that I stole something from her. But what could I have stolen? "You stole my picture of Mamie and Papie!" She said as tears trickled down her face. "Where did I bring it?" "To the cave!" So I took off to get to the cave. I returned to where I woke up and searched for an image of two wolves. No sign of it anywhere. Then a leaf slipped between the crack in the ceiling, but wait it was not a leaf it was a... Picture! So I snatched the page and ran off to find Luna. I had looked around the sunny clearing for any signs of Luna. Then I caught a sent of her and followed it. It lead me down a path deeper in the woods. As I ran I could see her enter a small den. "Luna! I have your lost item!" Then she turned around as her face brightened. "My picture!" She said "thank you, so... Much!" She picked up the slightly torn image and walked into her den. So I followed her, inside was a small family. "Windy! Sanu! We have a visitor." She howled. Then two tiny pups peeked out from around the corner. "Hello miss!" Said the orange one "my name is Sanu!" Then the blue and pink one just sat there and stared at me. "Well hello Sanu, I'm Willow! Nice to meet ya'!" Then Luna spoke up "the blue one is Windy. She's very shy." Luna and Sanu had offered a bit of moose. Good thing I was hungry! So I spent most of the afternoon with Luna and her kind family. I met her two sisters Raina and Rainbow after Sanu and Windy showed me they're home. Luna had let me stay the night at her place since I was lost and did not know where I was. "We should bring Willow hunting." Said Sanu. "Why not? It would be fun!" Said Windy. So later the triplets brought me hunting for wild deer. We followed a path that lead to a pond. "This is deer blossom pond." Said Luna. I looked around the blossoms in search for a deer. Sanu and Luna were already upon one. "I guess your my partner." Said Windy. Windy ran up the small slope toward a big pear tree. We climbed up into its branches. Then I had spotted a deer under us. Windy and I had pounced down onto it. And that's when the rodeo started.

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