Chapter 8

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Fours Pov

I'm about to walk to math when I see a small blonde shoving things into her bag. I slowly go up to her and firmly grab her shoulder. "Yes?" she asks, without looking at me. "Call me Four, but when it's just us, call me by my real name." I tell her. Tris turns around, her beautiful eyes staring straight into mine. And when people are around call me Tris. But other than that, I'm Bea." After that, I do it. I place my lips on hers. At first she just stands there, in shock. But then she starts to kiss back. Our lips move in unison, her arms wrapped around my neck and my arms holding her waist. Then the bell rings. Tris pulls back and says, "Oh shit! We're gonna be late!" "Okay, you go in first and I'll go in a minute after," I pause, "So no one gets suspicious." Tris looks at me, an eyebrow raised. "Why can't we just tell them th-" "That what?" I ask, jokingly. "Um, ah," she pauses, "Us, I guess." "Are you asking me to be your boyfriend, Bea?" I ask as we walk to math. "Maybe." she responds and walks into class.

I went in a few minutes later and got a lecture, but other than that math was alright. English was boring. In music we had to play an instrument, so I played Pompeii by Bastille on my guitar. Everyone looked at me, although Tris just smirked. She knows that I know how to play guitar, and sing. Tris sang Counting Stars and got a standing ovation. I just sat there, smirking like she did. After a few more performances, it was time for lunch. I just get a big slice of Dauntless Cake and a burger. I sit down at my usual table when Zeke and Uriah come up to me. "Dude sit with us! Stop being a pansycake!" Uriah pouts. "God fine. But stop calling me a fucking pansycake Uri." I scold. "Ladies, ladies please, calm down." Zeke says. I get up, slapping Zeke in the back of the head. They walk to a table with 6 people sitting in it. A mocha-skinned girl looks at me and her eyes look like they could practically come out of her head. A dirty blonde kid with green eyes looks at me and growls. That's the kid that I almost beat up. Then I girl with a small frame turns around and grins, but quickly suppresses it. Uriah forces me to sit next to Tris, so I do. He sits next to a girl that I think is Marlene and Zeke sits next to Shauna. I pull out my iPhone 5s and decide to text Bea.




okay I'm just gonna say it bc I don't want our relationship to be awkward. I like you Tobias. I really do.-b

I do too, Bea-4

There is no reply so I look up at her. She's picking at her cake smiling to herself. Then Lynn speaks up, "So guess what! Tris moved in with us" I was eating a piece of cake so once I heard that, I choked. All eyes were on me. "S-Sorry," I stutter. "Mhm. Anyways, it turns out the mayor lives right next to us." Shauna adds. I choke, again. I get up and walk off from the table.


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