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Don't look at me.

As soon as I walk on the bus, everyone looks at me. Nice. I keep my face down, and walk to the back where my best friend has saved me a seat.

"Well you look happy to be here." She teased me. "Yeah, whatever. Hey, did I leave my jacket at your house?" She started rummaging in her book bag before handing me my jacket. To be technical it was my mom's jacket. She died last month.

Yeah I know. Typical story here, right? I'm not the only one without a mom. I know. But telling me that doesn't make me miss her less.

   Telling me that doesn't make me less angry that she left and- "Sam are you just going to sit there?" Zoe' asked, shooting me back to reality. "Uh, yeah."

Zoe' and I stepped off the school bus and started on our day. School is okay I guess. It's better than being at home. At least the people at school somewhat care about me. Somewhat.

In fact, just the other day, someone complimented me. "Go to hell." To which I responded, "Well at least you have someone to keep you company."

Yes. I am sassy. Okay, maybe that was a little mean, but that was nice compared to the other things they say to me... Or about me.

Okay, maybe school is bad. But, so what? There's someone out there who has it worse than I do. So I can't be sad apparently. I can't be happy either because someone else has it better. So I'm numb.

Hi. Did you miss me? Probably not. Well, this is just the intro, idk tell me if you like.
So updates will probably be really slow but I'm trying. Storyline is the same, but I've made some major changes. Anyways... Remember guys, there's someone out there that loves you, and if you honestly can't think of anyone, I LOVE YOU! Stay strong xx.

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