Chapter 1

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Jayce's P.o.v

*BEEP BEEP BEEP BE-* I slapped my snooze button on my alarm clock. Today is the last day of prison a.k.a school! I'm homeschooled at the moment but I still have to do everything public school students do.

I finally jumped out of bed and walked over to my iPod dock. I put it on shuffle and my favorite song came on- Buckwild by 2Virgins feat. Taylor Caniff. I have to admit I have a tiny crush on Taylor.

(In this story taylor didn't hurt his arm)

I turned the volume up a little more, not too high because Sky might be sleeping. I started the shower and hopped in. "Puking in the sink, catching mini drinks" I sang and danced while shampooing my hair. "Shut up!" I heard Nash yell from his room next door. Then I sung at the top of my lungs "ONLY IF YOU WANT GOOD TIMES AND GOOD VIBES, NO IFS, ANDS, OR BUTS".

After I conditioned my hair and shaved I stepped out of the shower and slipped. "FRICK" i said getting up and wrapping a big towel around my body. Today i picked out a pastel blue crop top, high waisted light wash denim shorts, and my white vans.

I blow dried my hair and decided to wear it down. For my makeup I applied concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and my doctor rescue baby lips. I looked at the time and it was only 7:50 and my teacher comes at 8:15. I walked downstairs and saw that Nash was making a vine with Skylynn about salad? Mom had made pancakes and bacon. Yum.

"Mmm Goodmorning!" I said to no one in particular. "Goodmorning sweetie, are you guys excited for summer?" She asked us. "YES" we yelled in unison. "So Hayes, are you looking forward to 8th grade" I asked nudging him. "Yeah, do you remember your 8th grade year?" He replied. "I certainly do" I said finishing my last piece of bacon.

(Pretend magcon hasn't started yet XD)

"Nash, you and Jayce have your first Magcon event next week!" Mom said excitedly.

"Yup, I can't wait!" Nash said staring at his phone but still happily.

"Skylynn has a play date this morning so I have to take her. Tell Mrs. M that I'll be back around 3:00!" my mom said carrying Skylynn and leaving the house.

"Okay!" I said. Mrs. M is Nash and I's teacher. I grabbed my phone off the counter and headed upstairs to my room. I lost my science book and it's no where to be seen. "Hey Nash, do you know where my science book is?" I asked trying to look for it.

"You left it in the basement last night!" He replied from downstairs. "Oh right" I remembered as I walked down into the basement. I grabbed my book and on my way upstairs I found a piece of paper laying on the floor.

When I was about to read it the doorbell rang. "Coming!" I said running to the door and I stuck the note in my pocket. I opened the front door and Mrs. M was here. "Hi! Come in!" I say as I open the door for her.

"My mom went out and she won't be back till around 3:00" I told her. "That's fine, just enough time!" She said happily. Mrs. M is a very nice and energetic person. She's about 45 years old I think and she's really pretty for her age.

Nash's P.o.v

"Where did it go?!" I said annoyed searching my room for that note. I recently wrote a note for this girl named Annalisa. She is beautiful and I decided to ask her out, but since I don't go to school with her I decided to write her a note. But, being me I lost it and can't find it anywhere! "Nash! Mrs. M is here!" Jayce shouted from the living room. I sighed and ran downstairs.

Jayce's P.o.v *3:00 and school is over*

"Bye Mrs. M!" I said as she walked out the door. Nash, Hayes, and I were watching her car pull out of the driveway and once she was gone we all screamed "SUMMER VACATION!" Then we ran upstairs to our rooms and BAM I tripped and fell on a step. "" I said angrily as I get up. "Jayce are you okay?" Hayes asked genuinely. "Yeah I'm fine" I replied. "Well where were we?" Nash says and we all run to our rooms WITHOUT tripping.

Once I got in my room I shut the door and opened the note. It said "Annalisa" on it. "Who the hell is Annalisa?" I whispered confused. It was a love note. I didn't want to read it because I'm not that type of person so I hid it under my pillow. I'll put it back in the basement later.

All of us were getting our swimwear on. It's a nice day in North Carolina, it's 80 degrees. (I don't know NC weather lol it's June) I picked out a light blue bandeau with matching bottoms and my black flip flops. Then I put on my aviators and headed down to the kitchen where the boys were.

My relationship with Hayes and Nash is very tight. Nash looks after me, we look after Hayes, and we all look after Sky. Nash is the one who is overprotective and makes sure players don't come near me. Hayes is the type that tells me everything from his love life to what he wants to wear. We never seem to fight so we get along often. Now that we are all in magcon, we will be closer than we were before, and that's pretty close! I really am thankful for my family. Even though our parents are divorced that doesn't mean we don't get along! I deal with the haters pretty well I guess. They don't get to my head and I'm fortunate for that.

Back to the story! Jayce's P.o.v

Nash and Hayes were in their swim trunks and Skylynn was wearing her cute little hot pink one piece.

"Hey Sky! I didn't know you were home yet!" I said picking her up. "Hey Jaycey!" She said playing with my hair. I put her down and walked over to the fridge.

"Hmm. Hey mom where's the Gatorade?" I asked. "The garage, I just bought new ones" she answered walking through the front door with groceries. I went to the garage and their were two twelve packs of grape G2 in front of me. Gatorade particularly G2 is my favorite drink except for water of course. I grabbed one and walked back in the house.

"Hey Jayce?" Nash said walking over to me. "Yeah?" I say as I take a gulp of my Gatorade. "A few of the magcon boys are coming over in about 10 mins" he said then added "the pool is open too".

Hayes stepped in the house through the front door saying "Mom and Sky went to a friends house and are staying the night, she said that we could have a few friends over!"

"YAS" I shout excitedly jumping up and down. "PARTY TIME" Nash shouted while twerking. We all laughed. I was on twitter while we were waiting for the magcon boys to get here. I tweeted "Going for a swim in a few, and there might be a new video up tomorrow ;)". I went up to my room and grabbed my waterproof camera just in case I wanted to film today.

I almost have 1.8 million followers on twitter. Nash and I have a bet to see who can get 2 million first. I have 1.6 million subscribers on youtube. I basically post random stuff. But people find it amusing so it works!

I can't wait to finally see the magcon boys again. They seem cool, funny, and very very very very very good looking. Did I say very? Haha, I'm not obsessed but they're cute! What can I say!

While I was laying on my bed scrolling through Instagram notifications I heard the doorbell ring. I felt butterflies in my stomach. Why am I nervous? Get it together Jayce.


End of Chapter 1!
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