Cant be friends!

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Hay my name is Alaisa A Alsina. I live in DownTown New Orleans wit my mama. I am 15, 5'4,mixed,long hair,grey eyes. I jus live wit mama I neva met my daddy. I go to Forest High school.

Alaisa- I was walkin down the hall n wen I gt to class my teacher Mrs.Jones told me I was needed in the office. I walked to da office to see my mom. I asked her wats wrong. She told me we were moving I didn't wanna move but I had no choice! I walked back to class n said Guud bye but my bestfrann Jayla I was gonna miss her!

Aliyah- I told my daughter we were moving I could tell by the look in her eyes she didn't wanna leave but we had to bc her daddy actually wants to meet her now. I never told my daughter or anybody about who Alaisa father was but she was bout to find out ! Alaisa n I moved all da way to mississippi we now live in byram in a 2 story house in brook lee !

Alaisa- I woke up and flat iron my hair,put on my light grey shirt n sum black aero pants than I put my retros 7 on ! I got my jordan bookbag n grabbed my iphone 5c blue n put it in my back pocket ! I ran down stairs ask my mom wats my bus number she said 33 I was lik kayye bye Lvu u mommyi !👋😘 I walked down the street and turnt the Conner and I saw 2boyz n 1 girl at a bus stop. I walked up nobody said nun so I put my ear buds in n waited for the bus but as I waited one of the boyz keep lookin at me. He was cute we jus keep lookin at each other wit big smiles than the bus can n wen I gt on da bus n told da bus driver
I was new n stuff than I took a seat. I walked into da school n eve body was lookin at me but I didn't care I went to class but than I saw a boy who rides my bus and b at my bus stop following me. I turned around n asked him "r u following me" he laughed n said " well I'm tahri n no my class is on back hall wat about yhu". I showed him my schulde n me n him got all da same classes.


Okay it's da end of the day n tahri is really nice n he was draggin me to da gym n I asked y he said its a pep rally ! We went in da gym than thy asked who wants to sing the Natioanl athem I stood up n eve one looked at me I walked down the stairs n I sung my heart out than my husband of my dreams walked in AUGUST ALSINA! He started to sing n eve body went crazy!

August-aye eve body clam down. I have a 15 year old daughter name Alsia Alsina. I heard the girl tht was singin yell n say thts me ! I turned around n said "baby girl I'm sorry for not begin there ur mom neva told me about yhu I'm happy I get to meet u n I wanna work on us ! She looked jus lik her mom so short. She ran into my arms n cried I cried as well n I yelled me n my daughter r gonna have an Alsina pool party show up n show out !

Alsia- I'm happy I gt a dad now n I'm sooooo happy my dad is AUGUST ALSINA I knew we were related ! I was txtin tahri to see if he could cum to da pool party he said yea . I ran up stairs n took a shower. I washed my face,brushed my teeth,than I rann in my walk in closet and found my 2 piece jordan swim suit . I put it on n put my van socks on n than put my grapes on and I got a call from tahri sayn cum to da door ! I ran downstairs n I saw the most sexies boy tahri than my dad walked behind me. I said "dad this is tahri,tahri this is my dad"! Thy talk while I ran up stairs n FaceTime jayla my BFF who I left in New Orleans !

Jayla(JBRID)- OMG yhu lookin kute ! I miss yhu so much !

Alsia- Bae 😘i miss yhu too n more ! But I really gtg help set up my pool party ! N my dad is AUGUST ALSINA !

JBIRD- omfg yhu lyn ! Prove it !

Alsia- DADDDDDD ! Than my dad walked in da room n jayla started cryn n screaming !

August- yhu told her I was yhur dad !😏

Alsia-yea ! Do yhu believe mhe now !

JBRID- omg august ILOVEYHU😘

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