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Chapter 8 : My Life Is A Backward Cliché.



I opened a door, hoping to find a bed inside. No such luck.

I opened the second door. Yes!

I sighed, closed my eyes and fell into the bed with content, that is until a sudden weight pressed on top of me.

"I have got you alone sweetheart." The person on top of me smirked and brushed their fingers across my face.

Fuck My Life.




You know how in all those books, or even movies in fact there is this poor girl who gets terrorised at a party by a perverted drunk guy and is then saved by their knight in shining armour?  The cliché approach, that some of us despise while some of us adore it.

Can someone please tell me why my life is all backward? It's as if my life takes every cliché and twists it up. Don't understand why I'm saying this?

Well in simple terms, I do not have a perverted drunk man on top of me, in fact I have a blonde fat girl breathing down my neck licking her lips in a slow, turned on manner.

"Oh my god." I breathed slowly. "What the fuck?"

She in turn smirked running her finger down my arm, having me cringe at the contact made between our skin.

"Babe, I                want to have a bit fun." She pouted, batting her fake eyelashes at me.

"That's nice." I said pushing her off. "But one I'm straight, two have fun with some other slut."

She pierced her nails into me and hissed at me, "I know you're a virgin, I don't believe the bullshit Jacob's feeding us." She winked and leaned in closer, "In fact, you know the other virgin? That nerd Mia.?" She laughed. "I had fun with her another night too, she couldn't get enough of me. She even begged me to meet up with her behind the bleachers every day."

"Mia?" I said stunned. Wasn't she the sweet innocent girl that was too shy, that she couldn't even borrow a pen without stuttering and stammering. "You and her at the bleachers?"

"Isn't that why you like calling the bleachers the shrieking shack?" She probed me further.

I widened my eyes as I recalled the shrieking shack rumour. People used to hear groans coming from the bleachers from our football field which was not used anymore and understood that someone or the other was making out under them, who ran away quickly before anyone could actually see them. This occurred so frequently that people started to call that field's bleachers the shrieking shack. Harry Potter reference, for those potter heads out there.

"Oh my god." I repeated, feeling uncomfortable.

"Moaning Myrtle in the shrieking shack, that was my favourite one. "She laughed, gripping my hands tightly.

I panicked.

Screaming loudly, I jumped off the bed and headed straight for the door. This turned out to be catastrophic as the minute I reached there and was about to turn the knob, she knocked me over and sat on me. Never pick a fight with a girl twice the size of you. 

"Now now baby this will be fun and pleasurable." She cooed at me and started unbuttoning her shirt.  And then finally, God answered my prayers. The door swung open and finally my knight in shining armour was here, he was my hero, he was...Brody?

Screw that I got the devil not the knight. I guess this just emphasized the fact that my life is a backward cliché.

"Sadie fuck off or else." He gripped her by her shirt and pushed her away and then pulled me towards him and locked the door leaving that girl, "Sadie" in there.

"Er hi." I whispered looking at him as I gave him a small smile.

But looking at his expressionless face, I realized that he did not happen to come across that room. He was looking for me and wanted answers. We were going to have the talk about why we broke up.


To say I was nervous was an understatement; I kept biting my nails, disgusting I know, but the look on his face he would have anyone running for their goddamn life.

Brody then finally spoke up "So I guess you know why I wanted to talk – " His phone beeped interrupting him and as he took it out to check it I saw the name 'Rachel' flare on the screen. Anger and jealousy coursed through my veins as I remembered the reason why I did this in the first place, why should I be nervous?

"She needs a ride." Brody inputted seeing me glance at the screen, or more like glare at it. More like a ride on your joystick.

"Anyway Adri."His tone softened at the use of my nickname as he looked at me "What happened to us? I thought we loved each other. "

"That was before and this is now. I'm with Jacob so just get out of my way. " I mustered up a bit strength and pushed him out of my way.

And now I'm slowly pushing him out of my life.

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