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Louis knew attending this party tonight was important. He knew in every part of his body he'd have to be there. Usually he just sends Liam to these events, but tonight was different. Something in the warm August air told Louis he needed to get out, he needed to have fun. So, here he is driving down the suburban street looking for the giant house party. It's not hard to find and he quickly parks his expensive black car and climbs out.

People watch as he leaves his car and he smirks at them. Everyone knows who he is and everyone knows to stay away. He winks at a few girls and nods at a few of his very loyal customers. Liam is inside already - making sure that people get what they payed for - and Louis isn't worried about him. Liam can definitely handle himself.

Louis enters the large house and scans the room. It's a classic house party with people everywhere and the music far too loud. He can feel his shoes stick to the floors and he can smell the strong scent of liquor and drugs clinging to the air. He just continues through until he reaches the persons backyard. The place is filled with people, but it's less stuffy in the fresh air.

He continues to walk through the large groups of people and a couple of the brave ones say hi. He just gives them tight lipped smiles and keeps walking. He doesn't like associating with all the partiers in the town - he just likes selling to them. He likes the money, not the people that come along with it.

"Louis? I can't believe you're at my party!" a mans voice yells. Louis turns at the sound of his name and comes face to face with a tall, muscular blonde. He's not bleach blonde - more sandy - and his skin is tan from the summer sun. Louis scans the mans body and shrugs.

"Nothing else to do. Who are you?" Louis asks. The mans smile falters slightly - probably offended - but that makes Louis smirk. He likes letting people know he's above them. He likes that he can make people feel small.

"I'm Dan. I'm sorry, it was stupid for me to think you would know," Dan apologizes. Louis wants to laugh at how serious he sounds, like he's actually sorry.

"Dan Walters?" Louis asks. Dan nods his head happily and Louis refrains from rolling his eyes at the tall man. Louis hates people that act like this - like he's someone big and special.

"Well, Dan, I'm going to get a beer," Louis tells him. That's a lie, Louis doesn't drink in public. He likes to stay alert and aware when he's out. He never knows when someone is going to come at him, when someone will try to kill him.

"I can get you one," Dan suggests. Louis shakes his head and turns without another word. Dan seems nice, but far too excited. Louis thinks he's probably one of those people that thinks talking to gang members makes you tough. In reality it makes you dead.

Louis continues to walk about and completely ignores the shouts of his name and the cold whispers. He can hear people wondering why he came, if he is going to kill someone. The comments and stares don't bug him - never really have - and he always laughs them off.

He hears some shouts from a group of people not too far from him. The noise catches his attention and his feet drag him so he's part of the circle. People move for him instinctively and he quickly makes his way to the front. His jaw clenches at the sight and he balls his fists at his side.

He sees Grimshaw - one of Brads guys - smacking the shit out of none other than Harry Styles. Louis doesn't know what angers him more - Grimshaw hitting Harry or Grimshaw being in his area. Either way he steps into the circle quickly.

"You finished, Nick?" Louis' voice is dark and loud. It captures everyone's attention and sends a shiver through the crowd. Louis glares as Nick lifts his eyes to meet Louis'.

"I think so. Move along," Nick orders, Louis raises his brows and steps closer - making Nick step back.

"Move along? I would like to inform you that you are in my area. Not only that, but I don't appreciate you picking fights with my people," Louis spits. Nick snorts and gestures to Harry who remains on the ground.

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