Chapter Two

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Chapter Two


Tiamat let out a low menacing growl as the grip on her wrist tightened before she twisted to try and see her attacker. She let out a hiss when they grabbed her other wrist holding them up and away from her body.

“What were you saying about me?” A low voice murmured into her ear, causing goose bumps to erupt over my skin. Tiamat grounded down her teeth as she let out a snarl in return, “You son of a bitch.” She spat struggling to escape.

That damn demon.

A deep chuckle breathed onto her bare shoulder before the demon faintly bit down on her shoulder teasing the flesh between his teeth. Tiamat let out a hiss in surprise and moved, throwing her head back ignoring the flash of pain that went through her skull when it impacted it with his. He groaned faintly in pain before gripping her wrists tighter.

“I want you to tell me about this mark, I have on me.” He muttered lowly holding her wrists still.

“And I want you to go to hell,” Tiamat spat, feeling the skin starting to bruise before unlocking my Dragon side once more, feeling the heat boil in her blood making her skin yet again, burning hot. The demon snarled in pain and let go of her wrists as he jumped away, “I fucking hate that.” He spat, rubbing his hands to soothe the pain.

Tiamat bared her teeth at him rubbing her own wrists before she went to get the gun in her drawer, growling when it refused to open, “And I hate it when you do that.” Tiamat retorted dryly, glaring over at him, crossing her arms. The demon looked at her and gave her a sneer, his black eyes running over her bare body.

“Why not just stay like that?” He smirked, causing Tiamat to blink and hiss in annoyance as she grabbed her blanket and wrapped it around her body.

“Pervert,” Tiamat spat moving to go towards the living room remembering that the weapons were in there. She went quickly to the door and growled angrily when he was there, standing in front of her once again.

“Don’t you dare,” He growled, eyes flashing as he went to raise his hand. Tiamat moved quickly, kicking him between the legs as he let out a surprised noise, falling to his knees. She leapt over his crumpled body and ran into the living room, searching for the weapons.

“What did I just say?” Tiamat heard him groan before she gasped being thrown onto the ground. Tiamat struggled against the telekinesis once again letting out an annoyed groan as she banged the back of her head against the wooden floor in frustration, “I really hate it when you do that, you asshole.” Tiamat spat angrily unable to move.

The demon walked into the living room, rubbing his aching crotch as he rolled his eyes at her, “Well I don’t like it when someone kicks me in the nuts.” He retorted sarcastically, standing over her. Tiamat glared up at him, flashing her canines at him once again as she struggled again, “Don’t be an idiot.” He huffed and sat on her stomach, pinning her wrists down once more.

“I’d rather not get kicked in the balls again, so can we just talk for once?” He questioned exasperated. Tiamat arched an eyebrow looking at him before suddenly smiling sweetly, “Why sure. Let’s just talk.”

He looked at Tiamat confused for a moment and eyeing her warily before he let go of her wrists, very slowly. She counted the seconds that went by until he had completely let go and moved her back legs, throwing him off. Scrambling to get up keeping a hold of the blanket around her body as she went to the hallway to grab her jacket.

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