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               Tears in the souls. What does this really mean? I choose to cry without having any other people seeing me. I desire to conceal my tears. Tears cleanse our souls and our profound feelings. It makes us feel even more prosperous. Through tears, we can all truly release our deepest impressions. Some people might say that crying makes a person weak. Well, then it's a big NO! It's like an active volcano that erupts when it's already full. If we can't take hold of our feelings anymore, it's better for us to release it through crying. Crying doesn't make you weak, thus it makes you even stronger. Tears are the most prestigious gift from God. Why have I even said so? Because tears are like magic, once it has run down from your eyes, your feelings will get even better and lighter. Rainbow comes after the rain. There is always a joy after the pain life had brought you and there is always a peace of mind after the tears you have been through.

             Live without restraint. This is the phrase that I always want to say to myself and the whole universe. You might wonder why? Because what we need in life is satisfaction, happiness and love. We can have all of that, by doing all of the things we desire to get along. They say that, you can only exist once and that's very true. While there is yet time, we must do the things that can possibly make us happy and won't make us regret life. I always spend my time doing the things that I really desire. I don't regret anything. I simply want to love and live life to the fullest. I don't worry about what other people would say or have in mind. I don't want to live with regrets.

            There are certain times when my mother gets so furious, because of me making out my desired things. No one can ever lay off me, even my parents. If I want to do something, or if I promised something I will definitely do it. I always mean what I say, even though I know that it will do damage to others. When I was young, I often play with matches or fire, and frequently play with everything that I can see around. I got hurt from tricking around, and because of that I have made significant changes. I already learned from my mistakes. I have learned that, you can't do anything you want just because you are free to do so. You need to think wisely, you need to consider others' feelings, and you need to sort out first what will be the outcome after doing these 'desired' things.

               Live with your dreams. You might wonder how? It depends on how you look at your life. You must follow your heart and don't do things simply because others expect it from you. Lay out your dream as your priority first. Do everything you can, to fulfill that dream of you. If you don't have a dream yet, then think of the first thing you are actually good at. My dream is to become a superstar, cause I am honestly good in singing and dancing. I am also good in composing lyrics of a song. I know how to play piano, guitar, and drums. For me, I really have the potential to be a star. When I was a Sophomore in high school, I was always chosen to sing in every school program. I was also chosen by my classmates to play, whenever there is a piano recital in our school. There's so many things that had occurred to me before and there's so many matters, I had experienced in the past. Come and join me on my journey towards my dream and my love life.

-----------END OF PROLOGUE-----------

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