Chapter 16

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You stood a few feet away from the mansion's front door, the [f/c] book in your hand. You tilted your head back and looked up at the house's windows, trying to recognize which one led to Sally's bedroom.

After finding it, having recognized it's pale bloodstained curtains, you decided to shape-shift into something that could fly, so that you could reach the window easier.

What should I shape-shift into? you thought to yourself, pondering the question.

"I vote bat."

"I vote bat as well."



Bat it is then.

You felt your body shrinking, your fingers growing longer and becoming a bat's wings. Till you yourself were a bat.

You looked around you, and then remembered, a bat's eyesight isn't exactly great. You opened your mouth and let out a high pitched noise, and waited for its echo.

It came back to you quite quickly, and you found that the [f/c] book was at your feet, as well as the fact that there were a couple of moths near one of the trees to your left.

Now knowing were the book was you opened your mouth and grabbed it, before flapping your wings hard to get off the ground.


Sally stared down at her feet, nervous. Slenderman had gotten past their lie and had found out that [y/n] was gone.

"So, what do you think would be a good story fitting [y/n]'s disappearance?" Charlie had asked her.

"Um, she was full because she had already had dinner before you kidnapped her?" Sally had suggested.

Charlie had shrugged. "Good enough for me."

Well, apparently it had not been good enough. At least not good enough to trick Slender.

Said Creepypasta was now glaring at her and Charlie, or at least as much of glare as he could have without eyes.

"What did I tell you, Sally?" he asked.

"To not let [y/n] out of the house." she mumbled, her eyes fixed on her feet.

"And why did I tell you not to let [y/n] out of the house?"

"Because then the Hunters could find her and take her away." Sally replied. "And then we would be in big trouble."

"Correct. So tell me, Sally, why, did you let [y/n] out of the house?"

"S-She said she needed fresh air," Sally replied nervously. "B-But it's okay! I-I made her promise to come back."

"Wow!" Jeff interrupted sarcastically. "You made her promise!" The boy shook his head. "It's just words, Sally, words don't mean anything."


"Jeff, I swear if she cries I will kill you." Jane growled, interrupting Sally.

"Guys guys, there's no need to fight. " Laughing Jack cut in. "I bet you [y/n]'s on her way back now."

"Yeah, or she could be in the Hunter's base planning on what tactics to use to kill us, but hey, that's just me."

BEN looked over at them from his spot on the couch, his game paused. "I agree with LJ on this one," he said. "Whose to say that [y/n] doesn't value promises, and isn't coming back?"

"I'm not saying that [y/n] isn't coming back," Jeff replied. "I'm just saying that when she does return it will be to kill us, with a whole Hunter army helping her."

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