I can't believe I just told Emily one of my biggest secrets, I just can't fucking believe it. I made myself look weak, vulnerable and a real cry baby. I'm not a fucking cry baby. I needed to be strong, but I just couldn't look at Emily without thinking of one face. Caitlyn. She meant the world to me, and we were together for years, but one day she just disappeared. I looked for her everywhere, and just recently I decided to stop looking for her, because it was over. She was gone.


Harry had a girlfriend that disappeared. How? When? Why? So many questions, but how am I gonna get answers if he's gonna tear up just by mentioning her?

Stacie was lying on the floor sleeping and meanwhile, I was staring at the ceiling from my bed. I checked the time and it was 5am in the morning. Luckily it was Saturday, so I didn't have to worry about waking up early.

Stacie was snoring so I took one of my pillows I had my head on, and put the pillow on my face, covering my ears.

I had to do something with the whole Harry and his ex-girlfriend thing. I needed to find her.


"Did you guys sleep well?" My mom asked while I spooned a mouthful of cereals into my mouth.

"Great." Stacie answered and gave me a sneeky wink.

"What about you Emily?" She asked again.

"Alright." I answered and didn't even look at her.

My mom was cooking some eggs and dancing a little bit, she paused and turned around.

"Sooo," my mom said. "What are your plans for tonight?" She gave both of us a wink.

Well I was basically gonna find Harry's ex girlfriend, but I was also gonna visit Luke at the hospital.

"I guess Stacie and I can go out or something?" Stacie looked at me and looked dissapointed.

"I would love to, but I am actually going to study today, because I have exams next week." Stacie answered.

"Aw, maybe another time then!" My mom said as if she was the one going out with her. Sometimes she can be too sweet and other times she's too harsh. She's never inbetween.

*2 hours later*

"Alright, see you soon Stacie! You're always welcome here." I said and gave her a wave from the porch. She was inside her car and waved back.

She started the car and slowly drove away.

I closed the door and ran upstairs. So now it was time. I had to have everything planned and I needed a plan to find her, but should I visit Luke first?


The hospital was full this time, and there was more people than usual. I started walking up to his room and because I had been here before, I knew exactly where he was.

I continued to the halls, and when I finally saw his room, I quietly knocked on the door.

"Come in!" I heard Luke yell.

As I opened the door, Luke was already staring my direction. His eyes lit up when I entered the room, and I gave him a smile in return. He still had those scratches on his face and his leg was also still broken.

"Hi Luke."

"Emily!" He almost yelled in surprise.

He opened his arms to greet me in a hug, but Was still lying on the bed. I ran towards him with my arms open.

"How is it going?" I asked.

"Better actually, i'm gonna start on monday!" He said excited.

"That's amazing! I'm so happy for you!" I said and gave him another hug. If he was gonna start on monday, we could finally start our book project.

I sat on the edge of the bed and Luke broke the silence.

"So, how have you been?"

I gave him a smile and let out a sigh.

"Alright, I guess." I said with sadness in my voice.

"And you?" I quickly asked.

"Good outside, but not so good in the inside." He said and looked down on his hands.

"Why?" I asked curious.

"I kinda missed you actually." My eyes grew wide.

Missed me? We've only talked for a couple of days. At school and the last time I visited him..how would you miss someone after that? He really was a nice guy and he's pretty handsome actually.

"Missed me?" I asked too surprised.

"I meant company! I missed some company!" He quickly corrected himself.

"I know this may seem odd," he broke the silence. "But can I have your phone number? You know just uh-" I gave him a smile and reached out for his phone. I unlocked the phone, dialed my number and saved it. I gave him back the phone and gently placed a kiss on his forehead. I stood up and slowly walked out of the room, and I felt my phone vibrate.

*Thank you :) x* The message said as I looked behind me and Luke was holding his phone and a smile spread across his face.


I had been staring at the ceiling for the last 2 hours. It was 03.20am, but I wasn't sleepy at all. I was getting worried for Harry. He was really sad and tears were spilling down his cheeks. I couldn't get the image out of my head so I took my phone from the drawer and the light from my phone almost made me blind. It took me a minute to decide if I should call him this late, but my fingers slipped and the next I could hear was Harry's husky voice.

"Hello?" Harry spoke.

"Um Harry? Are you ok?" I nervously spoke.

"I'm fine? Are you okay? Something happend?" He asked worried.

I ended the call and my phone vibrated again, I turned off the phone and stared at the ceiling again. The ceiling started to be a television, like the way I always stared at it.


I had been up all night, and all the memories ran across my mind since I moved here. The way Harry and I met, and how he litterally stalked me everyday. Luke and I in the halls and the next I knew, he was at the hospital. Me running into Stacie and the mystery Bethany girl who started gossiping about Harry. The dance club, and my job at the cd store. A lot has happend in just one month, but the way I talked about it, made it seem like i've been here for a long time.

I snapped back to reality when I could smell the burned eggs infront of me.

"Shit" I cursed, squeezing my eyes closed.

I quickly took the pan and threw it in the sink. My mom wasn't home so she couldn't help me. I hurried open the water, and the whole kitchen was covered in smoke. My cough was completely uncontrollable, so I stumbled out of the kitchen and outside. The clean air made me relax and I could finally breathe properly. The neighbours were outside watering the flowers and an old lady with a floral dress looked with a concerned expression on her face. I gave her a smile and quickly walked inside again. My hands flew over to the kitchen window and the wind almost washed all the smoke away.

"Well I wasn't hungry anyway.." I said under my breath to myself.

My feet ran upstairs and stumbled to the bathroom. I seriously needed a shower after this scene, and I really felt dirty. My clothes fell down on the hard ground and I stepped inside the damp hot water. The water spilling down my sensetive skin made me relax and unable to move. I took the shampoo and spilled it on the palm of my hand washing my hair. After minutes that felt like seconds, I looked at the time and it had already been 20 minutes. I quickly scrubbed my body clean and stepped out of the shower shivering as the cold air scraped my bare skin and I reached for the towel infront of me.

I heard the doorbell, and the only person it could be was my mom, so I quickly ran downstairs and almost slammed the door open. I stood still, when a tall male was standing at the porch with flowers in his hand.

"Harry?" I questioned.

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