Chapter 4

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    Casper hesitantly makes his way over to the unmoving body, and his hand trembles as he places his hand on the cold flesh.

     'Please don't be dead.' he says to himself as he hesitantly moves his hand towards the possibly lifeless man's chest to check for a pulse, and to his immense relief he finds a faint one.

      'Okay good, I can work with a simple injury.' He says out loud as he hauls the man's massive body up out of the snow and basically drags the man towards his guest bedroom.

     This is actually an often occurrence for Casper. The town of Littlefoot is so small that the nearest hospital is about twenty miles away.

     When Casper moved here to Littlefoot he took up the role as the town doctor so he had quite a few sick people come to his door for him to help.

      He starts to put the large man in the bed, but upon feeling his chest he notices that his body was so cold that he would more than likely go into shock if he didn't warm up so he has to put him in the tub.

     Struggling to get him back up, Casper manages to get him into the bathroom and onto the toilet seat. He turns the water on Lukewarm and, with much trepidation he strips the man.

     'Don't look down, don't look down, don't look...damn.' Casper mumbles as he looks down at the much larger guys massive penis.

      He places the guy and the water, and calmly sits down on the toilet seat while occasionally changing the temperature of the water until the man's body started to warm up.

     As Casper is pulling him out of the water the man starts to awaken a little, but is still groggy. 'Uh...home...tired.' Is all that Casper can make out from the sentence.

     'Shh, don't worry about that right now. You're okay, I'm just going to dry you off now.' Casper says soothingly and the man nods his head.

     The man struggles to hold himself up against the wall as Casper dries him off. When he gets to the man's groin he hesitates for a few seconds.

     Deciding against it he goes to move away, but when he looks at the man who's struggling to even stand he decides to go ahead and finish drying him off.

     'Mm...Good.' The man mumbles as his penis starts to grow while Casper dries him. Casper awkwardly continues to dry the man off before leading the man back into the bedroom.

     The man mumbles a little more before lying back on the bed completely exposed. Casper awkwardly tosses the cover over him.

     'I'm going to put something on you to let you have a good night's rest. Don't worry it won't hurt.' Casper says and he sprinkles some crushed lavender, German chamomile, and lemon balm around him.

     By the time he finished the man was completely asleep, and Casper quietly left the room. 'Dear lord.' He mumbles from outside of the door.

     'This is going to be hell.'


     'Shit!' Antonio snaps at Jackson as he heads out towards the bodies. He moves as fast as his legs can take him, but he is not surprised to see a smirking Jackson already waiting for him.

     'You really need to train more.' Jackson says, but Antonio shoots him a glare and ignores him and goes to uncover the snow from the other body.

     As he removes all of the snow from the remaining body he stands up and shakes his head a little bit, not shocked at all. 'Shit.' He mumbles.


     The young man shoots up in alarm feeling much better than he had before he fell asleep the first time. He's startled when he looks around the room notices every little detail of the room.

     When footsteps started coming towards the door him immediately stands up in alarm. 'Calm your tits youngin' we just came to feed you.' An elderly female voice snaps.

     The door opens and a frail looking old woman walks in, but he still hasn't let down his guard. Before either of them can speak the scent of whatever is in the cup she's holding hits his nose.

     He hastily makes his way towards her, but he here's the sound of a gun being loaded. 'Back it up blood sucker, you've got to answer some questions first.' An old man says while pointing a barrel of his shotgun in his face.

     Shocked the man just nods his head. 'What's your name?' The old lady asks. 'I...' He stops and clears his throat at the sore, raw feeling in his throat.

     'I'm Xion.' He says and the lady nods. 'I'm Dianne, and this...' She says nodding her head to the man with the shotgun. 'Is my husband Raymond.' She says and gently places her hand on Raymond's gun.

     'He won't hurt us Raymond. He doesn't even know what he is.' She says and tosses Xion the bottle which he catches and starts drinking.

     He drinks the first bottle so quickly that he doesn't stop until it is completely empty. He looks up in time to see Dianne pull another bottle from her pocket.

     He looks at her pleadingly, but then something rings in his head from earlier when Raymond said "Back it up blood sucker."

     'What is this?' He asks hesitantly. 'Pig's blood.' Dianne says and Xion gapes at her, but when she tosses him the second bottle he doesn't hesitate to drink that one as well.

      'Don't try to fight it, you're a newborn vampire and there's a lot of blood on this farm and you're going to have to work for every ounce of it.'


     'Wiccans! He runs into the arms of two damned wiccans!' Antonio snaps to himself more than anyone while pacing back and forth in his home.

     The two had followed Xion's footsteps towards the little farm right on the outskirts of Littlefoot and the could literally smell the magic surrounding the house.

     'Why do you even care?' Jackson asks. 'You spent the whole time bitching that it was the wrong human, but now you're upset.' He says and Antonio sighs.

      'I don't know I just...' He stops while running a hand through his black hair in frustration. 'You love him.' Jackson says and Antonio immediately locks eyes with him.

     'What?' He asks surprised and Jackson gives him a serious look. 'He's your progeny, so you two automatically love each other.' Jackson says.

     'It's the blood bond. You can't fight it so don't even try. I love him too, and he's going to love us as well when we kill those two and take him willingly or not.'


     Author's note: So... Xion survives and here's a picture of him on the side.  Things have been relatively slow up until now, but things are about to get much more interesting. 

I sincerely hope that all of you guys enjoyed this chapter, and please check out some of my other stories.

Love Always


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