Chapter 27 ~ Kenzie

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~Next Morning~

I wake up next to Johnny, like every morning the past couple of weeks. I think he's still mad a me a little for doing what I did with Brandon, but he's okay with it.

I just remembered it's Monday, back to school.

I check the clock and realise it's 7:24, I only have 40 minutes to get ready, before my bus comes.

I shake Johnny awake and tell him we need to get up.

Once we're both ready, we get Lauren and Carson then get the bus to school, as none of us are old enough to drive yet.

I sit down next to Johnny, Lauren sits next to Brynn, and Carson next to Hayden.

I get flashbacks seeing Hayden. Of what he did to me.

Johnny takes my hand and squeezes it slightly, easing my anxiety, just a little.

"It's okay, you'll be okay today, I'll look after you, he won't touch you," he whispers into my ear, before planting a soft kiss on my nose.

"I love you," I say, kissing his cheek.

"I love y-" he begins, before getting cut of by Lauren.

"PDA! PDA! Get a room!!" She squeals.

"Lauren, do you always have to ruin the moment?" I joke.

"It's my specialty," Lauren laughs, flicking her hair, and the whole bus erupts into fits of laughter.

We turn a sharp corner, and pull up into the bus bay, before getting off.

This is going to be a tough day for me, but I'll get through it.

My first class is Gym, and I hate gym. It's not because I'm unfit, because I am pretty fit. And I have a good enough figure, I just hate exercising in front of people, unless I'm dancing.

I walk with Lauren and Brynn into the girls locker room, and change into my adidas shorts and crop top. I scrape my hair into a pony tail, and change into my trainers.

 I scrape my hair into a pony tail, and change into my trainers

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I forgot about the scar on my stomach though, from my mother. My stupid fucking mother.

"What's that?" Nadia sneers.

"A scar," I mutter.

"From what?" Sophia rose butts in.

"None of your business," I mumble.

"I bet she did it when she found out Johnny cheated on her," Nadia says, laughing evilly.

My heart drops.

"Johnny never cheated, and I don't self harm!" I say, my voice rising.

"Wait does she not know? Johnny's a player little Mackenzie," she smiles, her eyes dancing with hatred.

"It's sad that you've sunk to hurting yourself," Sophia chimes in.

"I-I didn't!" I say my eyes brimming with tears.

"Oh and we heard about your little affair with Brandon!" Nadia snarls.

"Stop please," I say, a tear escaping from my brown eyes.

"Now she's crying! Does little cry baby Mackenzie need her big protective boyfriend? Wait! He cheated on you, with me!" Nadia says, smiling a huge fake grin.

"Johnny would do that!" I cry, and I'm starting to make a scene. I want to run but my legs are like jelly.

Then I see Brynn and Lauren rushing over.

"OMG Kenzie, shh don't cry!" Lauren comforts, as Brynn turns on Nadia and Sophia.

"What the fuck?" She yells.

"Oh shut up you lesbian," Nadia mutters.

I can't take it anymore, I run out the locker room and out the Gym complex. I run right off Campus, I run until I don't know where I'm going.

I can't believe Johnny would do that.

I slump down in a chair in Starbucks, and get a text pop up from Johnny.

Johnny💞😘💞: babe! Lauren told me everything!!! I'd never cheat on u especially with Nadia!! I love you so much please come back I need you! Ily - Johnny xx

Ugh, seriously. I slide my phone across the table and I lands on the hard floor with a deafening thud, followed by the piercing sound of shattering glass.

I just break down crying, I need his arms to hold me.

I need him.

I love him.

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