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Sometimes I record my quiet times with the Lord, but very rarely. I shared this one because it felt so anointed. Not perfect, not pitched or refined in anyway, just honest worship in my living room. I used my Samsung mobile phone and the Open Camera app, leaning the mobile phone against a tea light holder. Plain and simple.

Because this video meant a lot to my friends, I wrote this little ebook in order to bring these texts and videos together for you who read on Wattpad.  I am in the process of making la downloadable version of this book without the videos to be available for free on my homepage. You are free to, print them and share them and this ebook with your friends, just make sure to name the fact that I wrote the songs. Please write to me for permission to do covers, use the songs in film, record a new version etc. before you act. Much appreciated. All rights reserved. 

Happy listening!

Elisabeth Kitzing

Featherhead Media, Sweden/

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