Chapter 2 Andy

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It's been 4 years since I've been in this shithole of a place. The same smell of fuel and gas leaked through the air, poisoning my lungs every time I breathed. Saying that I hated this place was an understatement. The people here were rich narcacists who only wanted money and fame. The food here was expensive, way too expensive if you ask me. The school was the worst, cocky pricks and pole up their ass teachers. Then there was my family. Prince Beatrice and his royal parents. Beatrice was unfortunately my twin, and definitely the dumb one. He was all brawn and no brain. My parents were money hungry, trying to claim everything as their own. Once they kicked me out they needed something to fill their satisfaction. All they were left with was a dumb kid who wouldn't bring money to the family. Last time I came here I was 14 and hating life. As soon as my parents kicked me out I traveled the country. Hitchhiking and working through cities and small coastal towns. Although I haven't been to school since I was 14, I still studied English literature while I could. The other subjects didn't phase me too much.

Here I stood, outside of the brick mansion. 38 rooms and only three slept. The Lamborghini cars parked in the driveway, a pathetic garden around a water fountain, I made my way towards the double doors. My parents tried to reach me a few years ago when they first kicked me out. They thought I wouldn't go anywhere being 14. They were wrong. I stood outside the double doors, my height nearly as tall as them. I knocked heavily on the door, my knuckles familiar with the hard wood. I took a lot of jobs doing carpentry and building. I even finished two apprenticeships this year. The double doors opened and their stood the maid. She looked older, more tired. Her grey hair frizzed our from her bun, her blue eyes weary and shocked.

"A-Andy?" She questioned, looking over me from head to toe.

"Are Patricia and Francis around?" I asked, looking down at a trembling maid.

"Of course, please come in Andy," she beamed, letting me in. The house hasn't changed. The same wide staircase in an open room, halls running in all directions. I watched as she made her way into the kitchen. The same paintings plastered the walls, the chandelier seemed dustier, less sturdy. I watched as a Botox looking women walked in. Her blonde hair was kept tight, her bun high on her head. Her pink suit and skirt made her look professional, her rings covering her wrinkled fingers. I made eye contact with the same honey brown eyes I had on myself.

"Andrea," she breathed, panic washing over her cake face.

"Patricia," I nodded, looking around the house.

"It's been so long-"

"Four years," I interrupted, throwing my hands in my denim jacket.

"We tried reaching out to you-"

"I got the letters," I replied, watching her grow agitated.

"Where did you go Andrea?" She asked, shaking her head softly. Why must she call me that?

"Doesn't matter Patricia," I replied coldly, hearing the front door open.

"What the fuck?" Beatrice yelled, a small girl following behind him.

"Nice to see you too ass," I replied, keeping my eyes on the shy girl next to him.

"Mum what's she doing here?" He snapped, making his way over to me.

"Isn't your sister allowed to come home?" I asked in a small soft voice.

"I'd prefer if she didn't," he replied, his eyes stone cold.

"Well I didn't miss you're ugly face that's for sure," I replied, watching his fits grow white.

"Be nice Andrea, you're brothers girlfriend is here," she sighed. I looked at the small auburn girl. She was beautiful. Her hair shaped her face, her freckles like a galaxy of stars on her face. Her green eyes met mine, pain and dishonesty shined within them.

"I'm Andy," I smiled, holding my hand out to her.

"Danni," she replied, shaking my hand softly. Her hands were so soft and warm.

"She is my twin sister, unfortunately," Beatrice sighed, running a hand through his black hair.

"How about you two run along, Andrea and I have some things to discuss," Patricia smiled. Danni eyed me once more before following Beatrice up the stairs.

"When did he get a girlfriend?" I asked in disbelief. If he was still the asshole he was four years ago there's no way he could get a girl.

"Three years ago," she replied, walking towards the kitchen. I followed in toe.

"Your farther will be home soon," she told me, making a coffee.

"Are you staying with us?" She asked, her eyes soft.

"I don't think it's a good idea," I replied, watching her tense up.

"Don't let Beatrice boss you around," she replied.

"It's not just him Patricia, it's Francis,"

"Please Andrea, we are your parents," she replied annoyed at my usage of their first names.

"It's Andy, and parents who kicked me out when I was 14,"

"We didn't think you'd actually leave!" She hissed, running her hands through her hair.

"Well you underestimated me," I replied, sitting on a bar stool.

"How did you even survive?!" She asked, worry on her face

"By being an adult," I replied.

"Surely you had help-"

"Why is so hard for you to believe I could do things on my own?" I asked, watching her get annoyed.

"I actually completed two apprenticeships," I told her, throwing the paperwork out to her. She studied them closely.

"Carpentry and building?" She nearly fell backwards.


"Andrea these are male jobs! You're supposed to be a nurse or teacher-"

"I can do what I want Patricia. Plus I'm still in school," I muttered, snatching the paperwork back.

"Andrea you wouldn't have the grades to graduate-"

"Says who? The mother who saw me when I was 14 or 18?" I asked, getting up to leave.

"Please stay, you have no where to go-"

"I'll come back when you accept me," I replied bitterly, walking out of them house. Had no where to go, little did she know I owned my own house not far away. This family is just getting worse.

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