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Pen Your Pride

The First Day

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(Note: This is going to involve all the baby Glee kids, but will mainly focus around Kurt and Blaine.)

I would like to thank my younger sister and her friends for giving me extensive knowledge on the behavioural patterns of five-year-olds.

Disclaimer: When I own Glee, I'll turn it into the Klaine show.

Renata's POV

The Lima Community Playground opens today. Oh joy. My father had to be the one to build it, too. And somehow, he roped me into supervising the children that will be playing on it.

"You're in school to become a kindergarten teacher, aren't you? Well, this will be good practice."

Yeah, good practice to tear my hair out. And I'm in training as a MIDDLE SCHOOL teacher.

This is going to be a bloodbath.

Kurt's POV

There's a new playground today! Mummy and Daddy are going to take me. Of course, before I go, I have to pick a fabulous outfit! I'll choose the absolute best one I have. Then everyone will want to be my friend. So we drive to the playground, and there are lots of kids there already, girls and boys. I run over to the swings, because the swings are my favourite. But there's already a boy on the swing. He has really curly hair and he's really small. When the boy looks up, he has really pretty eyes. Sort of gold, but sort of green too. It's nice.

Blaine's POV

Today I get to go to the playground. I like the swings the most, so I decide to play on that first. When I'm swinging, I can forget about how small I am. Just as I stop swinging, a boy comes over to the swings. I look up at him, and he's the prettiest person I have ever seen. Even more than Mummy. He has brown hair and light skin and the best clothes ever. But his eyes are the best. They're green and blue and grey and other colours too. He says to me,

"Can I please play on the swing?"

"Of course!" I get off the swing and watch the other boy climb onto it. Wow, his voice is nice. It's really high like a girl voice, but it's really really nice.

"What's your name?" I ask.

"I'm Kurt. What's your name?" Kurt starts swinging.

"I'm Blaine." Kurt is a pretty name. It's perfect for him.

Renata's POV

Well, nothing disastrous has happened so far. The children are scattered around the play equipment, in little groups. They all introduced themselves to me when they arrived, so I try to remember their names.

Okay, Rachel, Mercedes, Artie, Tina, Mike and Matt are in the sandbox. Jesse, Sunshine, Quinn and Brittany are on the slides. Noah, Sebastian, Santana and Lauren are on the monkey bars. Rory, Sugar and Sam have started a game of hopscotch. Kurt, Blaine, David and Azimio are at the swings... Oh no.

What is happening at the swings? Will everyone be okay? Will Renata tear her hair out? To find out, tune in next time to Klaine's Playground!

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