All of a sudden Glen rushed over to the table '' Sorry guys, I gotta go, Luke really wants to speak to me on Skype tonight'' he said ''Oh c'mon man don't bail on us now'' begged Danny ''Can't you just stay for one more?'' added Ben ''He's my son guys, I've already stayed out with ya, for 2 hours'' Glen responded and with that he was out the door and gone.

''Bloody hell, so its half ten already'' I croaked turning my head to the clock behind me ''Ready for beddy bo boz are we?'' uttered danny, imitating a child's voice. ''Ughh ay, I can last allll night luv......but I will be leaving in half an hour, as I have work in the morning'' I said ''So what d'ya do then?'' Danny enquired ''I'm a midwife, at 'Countess Chester Hospital'' I replied '' Oh so you don't work here, in London then?'' ''No, I live in Chester too, but I'm on a transfer to the 'Royal London' here, at the moment, due to nurses being in demand in the London hospital'' I said ''Must be a pretty full time job then, I guess you don't have much time for yourself.....or a boyfriend'' Danny said, leaning his side in closer, so the fabric on both our sides were touching, waiting eagerly for my response. ''I don't have a boyfriend actually'' I muttered, finishing the last of my cocktail. ''Oh, cool, so where you staying then?'' ''I'm staying at a hotel for the moment and I tell you now, it is bloody expensive'' I stated widening my eyes ''You should come stay with me a few nights, no rent, great company, if I don't say so myself and a bed with your very own personal human bed warmer'' uttered Danny with a smirk on his face.

I began to look deeply at Danny's eyes and facial features, in all fairness he was a pretty good looking guy, a cracking smile and I actually looked up to him a bit instead of having to hurt my neck by looking down at everyone (being 5ft 10, and all). He was really funny to talk to as well. WAIT, is he flirting with me? No he's just being funny...right? Yeah of course he is and he's probably had one too many pints anyway. Oh I don't know, just be funny back I suppose.

''Well thanks, but I won't be taking you up on your offer, as you wouldn't be a very good bed warmer, your too skinny luv heheh'' I blurted followed by giggling ''Oh really, and like you'd be any better'' he said, resting his arm on top of the seat, right behind my head and squinting his eyes at me ''Well yeah probably, I've got more meat on me, I mean have you seen these curves, I'd keep you warm'' I stated Danny's  face was now half a foot from mine and it was getting closer. I started to tense up a little and gave him a bit of a wary look ''I bet you would'' he whispered in his thick, husky Irish accent. Right there and then my heart and lady flower (My lady parts, OK) began to do cartwheels, I swear. I think he was curious as to if he would get a kiss or not but I couldn't possibly, could I. No stop Katie, pull yourself together girl. I turned to reached out for my glass, to break up the tension but in doing so I knocked it over. But luckily it was empty. Danny continued to grin to himself, as he stood up to walk over to the bar.

I heard a female yawn to the left side of me, it was Amber she was still cuddled up to Ben with her eyes half closed. ''Where's Tilly?'' I asked Amber ''Over there somewhere, talking to this guy she met a few minutes after you arrived'' mumbled Amber, pointing to some booths to our right, with her eyes still closing. I took a good look around and found Tilly laughing and looking like she was having a pretty good time with this muscly blonde guy.

As the night was drawing to a close, me and Danny had been sat talking to each other for the majority of it. Even unintentionally ignoring everyone else there. He was such a charismatic guy, that it kinda just felt like us most of the time.

As we all stumbled out the club, Ben and Amber walked on ahead, while me and Danny stayed behind, while I waited for a taxi. Tilly wanted to stay behind with that guy, she seemed happy enough anyway.

''So tonight's been..been, pretty cool, right?'' said Danny '' Yeah, I had a really good time, your a funny guy'' I stated ''sooo...'' Danny trailed off looking down ''sooo..'' I repeated. Danny began to shuffle towards me, raising his head, showing his puppy dog eyes ''So, can I have your number?'' asked Danny slightly nervously.

Danny's P.O.V

The anticipation was killing me, 3 seconds seemed like 3 hours. PLEASE SAY YES!

''Uh, yes ok then, give me your phone'' she said smiling, putting out her hand. I handed her my iPhone, trying to hold back my excitement. Play it cool Dan, play it cool.

''Oooh an iPhone, someone's going up in the world, I'm afraid I've just got a blackberry. But I like it'' said Katie ''I stole it'' I joked. Katie just grinned as she typed her phone number into mine. ''Here you go...oh my taxi's here, cya soon, yeah'' she muttered, handing me my phone and rushing off to the taxi ''Yeah I'll text you my number, sweets'' I yelled. Katie quickly waved to me before she bundled herself into the taxi. I raised my arm and did the same, even when the taxi was halfway down the road, by now. Put your hand down, you look like an idiot, I thought to myself.

I turned to the left to make my way home but as I did, I began to do a little celebration dance (which is basically me pouting like a duck, bobbing my head and shoulders up and down, while I do a MANLY skip down the pavement). I call it 'Danny', well I haven't quite got a name for it quite yet so you'll have to come back to me on that and possibly when I'm slightly more sober, would help.


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