Chapter 25

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Levi removed his hand from under the table and grimaced. Eren looked as if he was about to run out in fright. Weslyn, on the other hand, felt rather satisfied; both the kitchen and the bedrooms were spotlessly clean.

   "You should have had plenty of time... Well, never mind that. We'll talk about your lax cleaning job later. Right now, we need to get organized and plan our next move. Of course, while much has happened recently, our original goal is still the same. That is, to close the hole in Wall Maria. As long as we can do that, most of the details don't matter. Whether it's the people next to us turning into titans, a hair-covered titan tossing boulders at us, or a handful of titans popping up inside the walls. 

"Hey, Armin, you said if things went well, we could plug up the wall fast. Explain that again." Levi said, as monotonous as ever. However, under the table, he had his hand on Weslyn's swollen stomach. He was proud and happy about the child.

   "Yes, sir. My idea was to have Eren transform into a titan, then use his abilities to seal the wall. The walls seem to be made of hardened titan bodies. So if he can create enough matter on the spot to plug the hole, then, if that's possible of course, there'd be no need for wagons to carry large amounts of material, like in the original plan. We could also choose a cloudy night, when the titans would be less active, to head to the wall. If it's just us on horses, we should be able to travel the road from Trost district to Shiganshina district in one night. Under these ideal conditions, the mission to recapture Wall Maria would take less than twenty four hours.

"But now that I'm talking about it again, it does sound like a pie in the sky dream." Armin informed everyone on the plan.

   "Whether that dream can be made real, depends on this guy," Levi said throughout the silent room. Eren then replied, to no one in particular, "yes, I understand that." Levi looked at Hanji on his left and asked, "hear that, Hanji? He's for it and you're the one who chooses where our experiments take place." Hanji seemed out of it.

   "Yes, of course, it's my duty as long as I'm alive," Hanji said, Levi seemed to also sense her bizarre nature. He made it clear that he knew. Hanji acted quickly by saying, "the garrison is fully mobilized and patrolling the wall that requires an incredible amount of labour and manpower. Patrols in the walled cities have become so infrequent, they can't even maintain order. This situation will only compound the chaos in the cities.

"We have to capture Wall Maria, I'm even more convinced than before. I want everyone to feel safe again soon. I want this to be a world where people can live without fighting each other. That's why I want to test out Eren's powers as soon as possible. This time we'll experiment without fear to find out more about his hardening ability, and everything else. Not to mention... Weslyn's abilities to manipulate titans is amazing. If both of them could be able to use their full potential, it could very well turn our situation completely around! That's why we can't sit around and waste time! We have to hurry and take action! But I still want both to lay low for the time being, for Weslyn to have her child before I start testing on her.

"The situation seems more complicated than we thought." Hanji finished her announcement and opinions. Weslyn felt hopeful until Hanji mentioned laying low.

   "From the moment you came in here, it looked like you've been on edge, like you're holding in a shit. You've still got that face." Levi began before Weslyn blurted out, "why do you need to keep it on the inside, tell me Hanji."

"Minister Nick is dead."

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