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Leanna made her way down the pebble roads, her eyes taking in the same sights she'd been seeing her entire life.

The pack was doing their daily routines; the trackers were lined up for mandatory training, the guards were patrolling the edge of the property, and the children were being trained for the first half of the day, and then attending the building that served as the school for the second half of the day.

She had finished her schooling already, and though she would now be allowed to possibly attend the college in the local town, she had a feeling that being Luna would strongly hinder that.

Her home, former home now, came into view and made her heart lurch.

It was a one story, the stone painted light gray and the walls baby blue. There was a small garden beneath the two front windows growing roses and tulips, Leanna and her mother's favorite flowers.

She smiled and walked up to the door, lifting her hand to knock but feeling ridiculous. It was still her house, she'd be welcome always.

Nodding to herself, she grabbed hold of the knob and twisting it, the door swinging open silently. Immediately she was hit by her mother's emotional voice,

"How can he think to claim her? How, Richard, how?"

Her father's voice was steady but it held emotion, "I don't know, Elaine. I don't. But he wasn't going to reject her. He will keep her safe. You know he will." 

"I know but.. He's planning on bringing in two hundred and fifty people. Rogues for all we know. What if they somehow end up there? What if she comes back for her? What-"

She broke off when her eyes landed on Leanna's confused face. She cleared her throat quickly and placed a strained sort of smile on her face.

"Sweetheart, we didn't hear you come in." she stated, walking over and hugging her daughter tightly.

"Is everything okay, mom?" she asked, glancing over at her dad, "Who are you worried will come back for who?"

"Just some private stuff, honey," her father said, and changed the subject, "what brings you by?"

She glanced at the two of them again before speaking, "I'm here to pack my stuff."

"Of course dear. Head on to your room and I'll make us a snack," her mother smiled warmly and and walked into the kitchen.

Leanna nodded and made her way to the small bedroom, the thought of food making her stomach grumble the entire way. 

Her bedroom was relatively plain, with purple walls, a twin sized bed against the wall, a small dresser and a nightstand. Most of her things consisted of her books, her drawing pad, and small variety of jewelry that was passed down from her mother.

She took notice of the boxes in the corner that were set up. One was filled with her clothes and shoes from the closet and she felt a twinge of pain in her chest. Shaking it away, she opened the old closet door and knelt down, removing a hollow piece of wood and taking out a a locket wrapped in a battered blanket.

It was one of the few things left from she was a very young child when their old house burned down from the fire place.

She slipped it into the box and closed it, her mother walking in just then with a plate of sandwiches and two cups of tea.

"Let's get packing," she said, her voice a little wavy.

One hour later, the entire room was packed and the earlier conversation had drifted to the back of her mind. They had brought all four boxes to the bedroom at the pack house and then said their goodbyes, her father going off to teach at the school and her mother to train the young girls in combat.

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