Chapter 4: Sudden Surprises

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Alex's POV:

I slowly suck my tears back into my eyes and wearly look up at Sky....
"I don't understaynd, what happened, he was acting so nice and then he just... hurt me.." I explain.
Sky shakes her head slowly and opens her mouth to speak.
"Things dont always go a's excepcted bb" She slowly smiles.
She has that look in her eyes, shes hiding something.. not just anything..... something... big........ >.<

Jacobs POV:

As I continue running down the streeet thoughts flow threw my mind. I dont know where I am going, I don't care.. I just need to escape.. and that only means one thing..
I hit up Maddy and text her apologizing saying how sorry I was. She agreed to "make it up" by hurting alex.. I couldnt believe it, shes doing that! I want to stop her, but its to late. I see a car pull up to Alexs house. Maddy gets out. Holding an hammer. And an bat. She looks around making sure zero cars are flying down the road, watching her actions. She smirks, and walks towads the door. I try to run, but my feet are glued to the sidewalk. Im stuck, a tear flows down my check and I see the door swing open.

Skylers POV:

Today is such a bad day, everything is going haywire, and I want out of it.. I dont want to leave Alex, but I need to clear my mind.. Of all the toxic things.....
"I know this is an awful time, and your going threw a lot, just now im here for you, but I need to go for now. Im really sad. Im scared. I need to clear my mind. Ill text you when I am coming back. Dont worry, I will bring chik-fil-a and you're favorite movies." I say to her, she nods her hair in agreement and looks back to her fingers, as she fiddles with them. I feel bad, but I'm going threw things nonody knows about; things happen, not always for the best.

Westons POV:

I slowly pick myself up from the floor and look around. Alex has fallen asleep on the couch, and the door is shut. I must have blacked out for a while, I take a blancket and give it to Alex for warmth. Shes shivering in her sleep, I cant leave her like this, she is my best friend and I love her so deeply. I pull my phone out of my pocket, only to be bombarded with text messages from thats dick Jacob and a few from Sky. I slowly walk out of the house, and down the road to my home.

Alexs POV:

Three loud knocks alarm me, causing me to jump in fear out of my sleep. I slowly sit up rubbing my head, as I pull my hand away, I notice there is blood. I slowly get up. And forced myself to move around. As I begin walking towards my bathroom, I hear three more knocks. As I walk towards the door I notice the knob jiggling. I unlock the door, and open it to only be greeted by maddelyn. She smiles, holds up a hammer an bat, I let out a loud screech, and I black out.

Jacobs POV:

As the door swings open, a loud screech rings through my ears, triggering my brain to work. My feet become unstuck, I feel I have no control they're causing me to run as fast as I can, just reaching her house.. Before it is too late... But it was.. She-.......

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