Danny's P.O.V

I just sat down, with some mates in a night club. I was with Ben, his girlfriend 'Amber', Glen and some girl Amber brought along, her name was 'Tilly', I think. Amber was quite a petite blonde, with short straight hair. Ben hadn't been dating her long so I hadn't really got to know her and neither of us had made a real effort to talk to each other properly. Tilly, on the other hand was a little taller than Amber, she wore a black short skirt and a white, cut off top showing off a thin figure and boobs (fair do's the girl got some good breasts on her....well I am a man at the end of the day). Her light brown hair went surprisingly well with her green eyes, as her hair was up in a bun, with a few pieces of hair hanging down on each side of her face, by her ears. I'd only said ' Hi' to her when we first walked into the club, she seemed like a sweet enough girl. But a bit too quiet, for my type.

As soon as I was in the booth, I was ready for my first drink.

''Right we getting started then?'' I asked impatiently, whilst rubbing my hands together. ''Yeah, might as well. I'll get the first round in'' offered Glen. ''Great'' me and Ben shouted. ''Well I'll have a pint of the good stuff'' I said, hitting down on the table with the palm of my hand.

After everyone else had told glen what drinks they wanted, he trotted off to the bar to go order them.

Ben was cuddled up to Amber, who had her phone in her hand. ''You don't mind that I invited another friend, of mine do you? Its just I didn't want to be the only giiirrll here, you know'' said Amber in a high pitched girly voice. ''Ughh no, more the merrier I suppose'' I replied ''Oh good, so you know Tilly'' she stated, gesturing to Tilly. ''I've also invited my other really good friend, her names Katie. She's pretty cool so you should all get on with her'' ''Ok cool...now where's Glen with these drinks'' I sighed, tapping my knees with the tips of my fingers.

About 20 minutes after Glen had finally returned with drinks, I was downing the last few drops of my Guinness, like it was a race or something. Then I planted my, now empty glass on the table.

''So Danny, you single?'' asked Tilly in my ear ''Yeah, single and ready to mingle I suppose'' I muttered back. Tilly began to turn to me, moving slightly closer '' Same here really, not sure why'' she whispered, tucking her hair behind her ear. '' Well, for me, I guess I just haven't found the right girl yee....''I stopped suddenly, as I was interrupted by her presence.

She was wearing a tightish black dress, showing off her curvaceous figure and..I'm not gonna lie her cleavage. Her hair was a really dark brown, as it hung below her chest in big loose curls. Her tan was almost enhanced by the spotted light in the club.

Before I knew it, she was a whooole lot closer to me. Amber got up and greeted her with a hug ''Oh hi Katie, how are you?''. In the mean time I just sat still, staring at her.

''So everyone this is Katie'' said Amber ''Hi'' shouted everyone else back. ''Danny, DANNY!'' Amber shouted. The complete ejit, that I was, I hadn't realized I was still sitting there gorping at this girl with my mouth wide open.

''Close your mouth Dan, you'll catch flies'' uttered Katie

The shock of hearing her voice made me blink my eyes quite a few times but I managed to pull myself together. C'mon Dan. She may be fiiine but this is just embarrassing. I suddenly got up and shook hands with Katie ''You alright sweetheart?'' I asked. I missed her reply, as I was too hung up on how tall she was, I mean she wasn't as tall as me (no one is, I'm bloody 6ft 4) but I didn't have to actually bend my neck down to see her eyes and fuck me, thank the lord because she had beautiful eyes, so wide, such a dark colour too. ''Its like looking into two bloody black holes'' Oh crap, did I just say that out loud. ''Well Thanks, I do get that quite a lot, in many ways. But for the record, my eyes are a very dark brown'' she giggled.

I was kinda embarrassed but she put me at ease with her reply.

Katie's P.O.V

Amber, this girl I met literally a couple of weeks before, through friends, had invited me out for some drinks with her boyfriend's mates. The only reason why she wanted me there was so that she wouldn't be the only girl there. I guess the thought of making humorous conversation with another man, other than her boyfriend, scared her. But anyway, now that I'm here, I'm really starting to enjoy my self. The drinks were rolling in, I was on some non-alcoholic raspberry cocktail, I'll be honest the barmen did tell me, what it was called but I can't pronounce it. I'm not a drinker really, if truth be told but still, please Katie don't make a fool of yourself.

I was talking to Glen, for a good 15 minutes. He told me he had a son, called Luke and how close he was to him. I also told him how close I was too my younger brother. ''So how olds Luke then? I asked, picking up my drink. ''He's 13, they grow up so fast, it was only 5 minutes ago, that he wasn't much bigger than my hands. So how olds your brother....'' Glen trailed off ''Aiden, yeah he's 15, the youngest of the family, I do love him to bits really but I've got to keep it on the down low, as I wouldn't want to ruin his street cred, you know''. Glen began to laugh.

After a bit Glen got up and ordered some more drinks and before I knew it I was back to back touching with this Danny lad. The warmth of his body was actually quite nice until he turned in, to me.

''Y'alright?'' asked Danny ''Yeah I'm good luv, how are you?'' I replied '' Could be better, my glass is empty'' he sighed, looking into the empty glass in his hand. ''Ha, you like your beer then, do you?'' ''Well yeah, I love me Guinness, its what I run on...so you not a drinker then?'' he enquired nodding to my raspberry cocktail?'' I turned my body and tilted my head slightly so I was facing Danny better ''No, I don't drink really, I'm just not a fan'' (and yes I know no one really likes the taste but still why waste money on something you don't like). ''Shame...'' Danny mumbled, looking away slightly, trying to avoid eye contact for a while. ''Oh and why's that then?'' I asked leaning forward slightly, trying to make Danny look at me. Danny turned to face me again ''I could'a carried you home'' he said, explaining. ''Well, I'm actually quite heavy, so good luck with that luv'' I said grabbing my sides with both hands. ''Well there are other ways to lower the weight, if you really think about it'' he said winking at me. I started to look confused, this guy was always talking in bloody riddles. A smirk began to grow on Danny's face, as he leaned in closer to whisper in my ear ''Well you know if you took your clothes off, that might just lighten the load ay'' he said, giggling. ''Do you know how cold it is out there, I'll catch a cold'' I spluttered out. Danny continued to laugh while I sat there sucking on the straw in my drink.

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