Part 30

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Is this death? The vast nothingness around me is frightening. I can't move or breathe or see anything, but there is no pain. This can't be death. I have been to hell, so there must be a heaven. I would surely go to one or the other. Most likely the place I recently escaped from. what is this place? Purgatory? I might still be in my body where I have control. Let there be light!

I rise back up through the dark red ground that had swallowed me. I am back standing in front of the demon Toutatis. He says, "Still not giving up? Must I torture you further?" He smiles at that thought.

I respond, "Foul thing, this is my domain. You should go back where you came from."

The demon laughs. "You overestimate your power here. I have been doing this for thousands of years. You are but a small insignificant annoying bug that must be crushed."

I say, "Crushed you say? Let's test the limits of my power."

I can feel the edge of the circle of blood expanding in my mind. I use my hands to grab it and squeeze. The circle wavers then begins shrinking. The demon puts his hands out to push back. I squeeze harder and the circle evaporates completely. I slice my hand through the air making the throne of human skulls explode.

Toutatis roars like an angry lion. He brings the metal spikes up from the ground again. I dodge as I did before by feeling where they are coming from. Probing that feeling further, I find the connection to the demon. Why am I even dodging? This is my body, my domain. I slash at the connection. The surprised look on the demon's face is priceless. He says, "You cannot get rid of me. I am linked to your body until the day you die."

I respond, "You lie foul beast. I will send you back to hell."

The demon roars again. He throws spikes of ice from his hands. I wave my hand deflecting each of them as if they are annoying gnats. I toss boulders at the beast with my mind in retaliation while walking towards him. The beast flexes it's muscles causing spikes to poke out through it's skin. Bladed fist weapons form in his hands. I choose two sharp knives for myself.

The two of us dance in a fight to the death for dominion of my body. I will myself to move faster. The demon matches my pace. We move faster than what should be possible. The speed of thought being our only limit. I strike deep into the demon's arm. If the blade had been longer the arm would have been severed. The wound heals almost immediately. I should be able to heal myself. I fix that oversight.

This is a waste of time. A war of wills is taking place, not a physical fight. I let instinct take over the fighting and healing while I probe deeper into my mind. I see all of the connections within. The demon is also fighting off an assault from outside from several powerful entities. I explore the shield around our two linked minds. It feels like a hard plastic helmet, but under the skin. The demon strikes down one of the attackers, and the power of it's resistance increases against the others. I follow the power, which is like a coiled wire wrapped around a vortex, hoping to find it's source. The tubular structure of it leads to the demonic entity that is attached to the back of my head. It is latched onto my mind like a leach trying to suck what's left of my life out of my body. I try to sever the connection, but each attempt bounces off the outside of the wired vortex. I have another idea.

I snap back to the fight. I lost my right arm somehow, so I grow a new one with a knife attached. I form a bubble around the demon. It tries to push, prod, and puncture the bubble, but I don't allow it. I shrink the bubble down. The demon's bones crack and crumble as the bubble continues to shrink to the size of a baseball in spite of the demon's resistance and protests. I push the baseball containing the demon down the tube into the vortex. The edges of the tube begin to follow the ball down collapsing into the vortex. The demonic presence is gone.

I wake up sitting atop a throne. The pieces of armor that I had worked so hard to collect each fall off my body one by one. Taking the helmet and boots off saps the last of my energy. Drenched in sweat I vow not to move for a while after that task is completed. I hear loud banging on the door. I wish they would stop so I could rest in peace. The banging goes on for what seems like hours then it stops. The sound of bodies hitting the floor precedes the door opening.

A familiar voice says, "Kayla! Thank God we got to you first!" Somewhere deep in my mind I think "Malachi."

He says, "Yes it is I." He picks me up. I catch a blurry vision of the man through half cracked open eyes. He is wearing a copper mask or helmet of some sort. A strong jaw is covered by a white goatee. I catch one more vision before passing out. The Wolf with an assassination squad lying on the ground next to a battering ram.

I wake once again in a daze, this time lying on a couch. I hear Malachi's voice say, ".. it is too dangerous, but this is my daughter. I must try to save her. We will leave before.. " I want to hear more of this conversation, but sleep claims me fully for a while.

This is the end of Season One. I want to thank all of you who have joined me for this journey thus far. If you want more of The Ghost's adventures then please spread the word, vote, and comment. I have plans for at least 2 more seasons, but I have other stories I want to write as well. Priority goes to what you, the readers, want. This story will be on hold, so I can begin another serial story titled "Grim". That story will debut April 28. I'm taking 2 weeks off to outline that story.

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