Chapter 1: Cafe

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In this this world there are soulmate. The can be different or the same genders. You know that they're your soulmate when you have your first kiss. Then you can see color. People who have't met their soulmates only see black and white colors. Some people go their whole life in black and white.

Izuku P.O.V.

I sat in front of my new dorm room. First day at college. I can do this. It's fine. I'm okay.

"You can do this." I whispered to myself. Iida and Ochako insisted I'd be fine when I learned their dorms weren't near mine. I reach out and open the door. I walk in and see my new roommate who jumps up to greet me.

"Hello! I'm Eijiro Kirishima!" the dark gray haired kid said, shoving his hand out to me. I grab it and mutter, "Izuku Midoriya."

He smiles hugely and sits back down on his bed starting to ask questions. Simple ones like favorite animal, colors, sports; if I could cook, even if I found my soulmate. Which I sadly had to say no to. He seemed pretty nice though.

Time Skip

I had learned a lot about Kirishima and he seemed like a pretty nice guy. Turns out he can see color. His soulmate is a guy named Denki Kaminari. The way he talks about him was amazing. I guess that's what it's like to have a soulmate. I hope that I can find mine soon.

I decided to meet up with Iida and Ochako at a cafe near campus. We were sat in there talking about our roommates. Iiada was with a guy named Denki Kaminari and Ochako with a girl named Tsuyu Asida. They all seemed to really like there roommates. It was cool that Iida roommate was mine's soulmate.

Everything was good until he came in. I looked over to see the kid. Bakugo Katsuki. He tormented me throughout high school. I had recently learned that he was going to the same university. He spotted me and walked over, a cocky smirk on his face.

"Hey Deku~" he said. Ochako glared at him while Iida looked away. Ochako called me "Deku", but she meant in a much nicer way than Bakugo. 

"What do you want?" I whisper.

"For you to crawl in a ditch would be nice." he said.

"Let's go." Ochako said getting up. She may look nice on the outiside but she wasn't one to put up with Bakugo's crap. I stood up with her and Iida. I was about to walk past Bakugo when he grabbed my arm.

"Leaving so soon?" he said. I try to pull my arm away but I wasn't strong enough. He tugged on my arm before letting go.

Ochako immediately asked me if I was fine. I always answer 'yes'. Always. I just don't understand why he decides to pick on me. I never did anything to him. We were even friends when we were young. He just starting turning to teasing to full on hurting me.

I just want it to stop.

I head back to my dorm. I lay down on my bed; thinking about Bakugo.

"You good?" Kirishima asked. I nod into my pillow. I turn my head over to look at him.

"Well..." he said smiling. I raise my eyebrows, "A bunch of kids are having a party to start off the year. Wanna go?"

I think, "Why not?" I said smiling. 

Later that day Ochako told me she and Iida were going. It was going to be much easier at the party now. I'm not the best in social situations.

Soon it was 8 and Kirishima and I decided to head out. I was wearing a plain gray shirt with black jeans and a pair of white converse. 

We walk down a couple streets until we found an old apartment complex with a bunch of bright lights on a few floors flashing bright white and light grays.

"Todoroki's dad owns a bunch of estates." Kirishima explained. I nodded. Todoroki was the kid that was throwing the party. We head inside and I'm immediately met with my friends and their roommates. Asui insisted I call he Tsu, while Denki had a bit of an electric attitude. They both seemed extremely kind. Ochako went straight to the dancefloor.

I went into a corner where I found a chair. I hung out there until Ochako came up to me yelling about a truth or dare game going on. She dragged me into another room where there was a circle formed with a bottle in the middle. I noticed mine and my friend's roommates, Kirishima with his arm around Denki. But I also saw Bakugo. I stayed quiet about that though. Hopefully there won't be any trouble tonight.

I sat down while Todoroki, whom I just met, explained the rules. If the bottle lands on you whoever spun the bottle gets to ask 'Truth or Dare'.

It was pretty fun so far. Denki had to scream his most embarrassing moment out the window, "I crapped my pants in second grade!"

Ochako had to admit she thought she could fly until she was 6. Todoroki had to find a random girl and compliment her awkwardly. A girl found out she had nice sized socks. A girl named Kyoka had to sit on Denki's lap for the rest of the game. Both of their faces were turned a dark gray.

Everything was going fun and fine until the bottle landed on Bakugo from a girl named Ashido who I could tell was a fujoshi. 

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