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Tales of Time and Space

A collection of my sci-fi shorts from 2017 - entries for various challenges, competitions and Tevun Krus ezines

1. Alpha Capella Nova Vega - Military sci-fi  - 4 parts

2. Last Chance - Biopunk - Transgender - 3 parts

3. Space Opera - Space Opera - 4 parts

4. Alien Invaders - Alien Invasion - 1 part

5. Ranadel - Sword and Planet - 1 part

The first one in this series is "Alpha Capella Nova Vega" - originally written for "Epic Tales for Beautiful Minds" @Ooorah anthology.

Here are the prompts for those interested, otherwise you can just flick through to the story.

Compulsory prompts for all teams:

1. Ecrivains Specials

2. Fray poster

3. Star Wars – "Turn up the rebel bass"

Sub genre: Space Opera

Team Ecrivain

Prompts: – 3 out of these 5 quotes:

You eyes can deceive you; don't trust them

The ability to speak does not make you intelligent

Judge me by my size, do you?

May the force be with you

I find your lack of faith disturbing

Plus two pictures:

Asian Star wars type poster with robots, Blue face, burning city, man in blue with sword, two women, Space Wars

Bug / space ship

Plus lyrics: from Alchemist's song "Alpha Capella Nova Vega"

Super Secret Prompt: man in black helmet / mask with leather

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