Fairy Tail Middle; MPF Event

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So sorry that this is so late! I unpublished my 2nd book by the way, so that I could work on this book all the time. Doing 2 or more books at a time is a very stressful job if you're a very busy person. Ahh! Now, let's continue the awesome story!


Wendy's P.O.V.

I'm so nervous! In less than 10 minutes, our MPF Event is starting. I'm so glad Lucy-nee made S-Class. Hopefully, she doesn't expect too much from me. I hope my little plan works.

Earlier today, me and Chelia went a little exploring. She sensed a lot of magic power from her backyard, and we went digging(actually, we used magic to nearly blow up her mother's garden. Sorry, Mrs. Blendy!) and found some lost chunks of lacrima, formed from crystalized surrounding Ethernano. Originally, me and Chelia were going to do a power test on the battlefield, and whomever loses, has to use one of the 3 grand fairy spells after we went digging. Fairy Glitter, to be exact. We talked with Master Mavis, and she said she didn't mind as long as one has enough spirit. This was to help both of us achieve at least S-Class. We didn't tell Romeo, even though we both knew he needed Fairy Glitter 100 times more than us.(Sorry, Romeo.) We figured I would lose, since Chelia has no chance of losing, prior to healing herself. OP, I know, right? Sky God to Sky Dragon, pretty equal, but Sky God gets points on self recovery. Obviously, I could tire her out and make her collapse, but by then, I would be collapsing too. They're both lost types of Sky Magic, so whatever.

We found 2 chunks of lacrima. Chelia explained what happened to me, and how I used my natural dragon force. I didn't want to achieve C-Class before, but now that Lucy is S-Class, I could train with her, and see all sorts of types of magic. I then saw it as an opportunity. Others, well, did it for the title. We found out that if I ate the lacrima, I would have enough energy to enter dragon force. Lucky us, the only magic contained in the lacrima was Sky magic, so I wouldn't be completely sick after eating multiple elements. Chelia didn't necessarily have her own form of "Dragon Force," so she could just train for a secret art, since that was powerful enough. Everybody bet that me and Chelia were going to C-Class, and that's what we wanted now.

Wince we could choose whether or not we wanted a partner, me and Chelia agreed that I could take Romeo, and Chelia would get Mest, Romeo's best friend. This decision was going to be finalized by Makarov and First Master Mavis, whether or not she didn't want one or both to go to the High School.

I saw Lucy cast Urano Metria, and was amazed, even though she collapsed straight after. We were all lined up in rows, sitting down in the auditorium. Since a little chunk of lacrima was enough for me, we saved the rest for later. We broke of a cubic chunk, and I carried it around in a little pouch. It was glowing, so people thought that I brought some sort of device. I promised them it wasn't a device. Really, a lacrima has a lot of shine. Then, the event started.


*Time skip, because we want the important part. Laziness is a big trait of many author-chans out there.*

"ROMEO CONBOLT!" My ears perked up. Romeo's turn!

He gathered a ball of flames, and then it became rainbow. With each second, it grew bigger and bigger above his head, until he decided to throw it at the MPF. 1545. I was so excited for him. Not S-Class, but a higher mid-class, for sure. I clapped and cheered.

"MEST GRYDER!" He cast a spell, and it landed with 1375. Not bad. Mid Class as well.( Pretend teleporting does damage, I'm sorry for this.)

"CHELIA BLENDY!" I clapped. Obviously, she skipped up to the stage, and faced the MPF along with the crowd. Some laughed at her silliness, including me. Suddenly, her face went dark, and I smirked. She gave off a dark aura, and gave an evil smile. People yelped, because of her sudden move change. So far, only me, Chelia, and Romeo know about Chelia's Sky God Slaying magic. Rumor, sure, but only to Makarov and his grandson Laxus.

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